Why Travelling Solo is Good for Writers


Every writer needs alone time to ponder, gather thoughts, and actually write something. Vacations/trips with family or friends are too distracting to get any work done. Besides, your companions will not be thrilled if you attempt to phase out while they expect you to take part in whatever they have planned. Travelling alone might sound unnerving if you never had the opportunity before, but believe me when I say that it is the most wonderful experience for a writer.

While you are on your own away from home, you have detached yourself from at least a dozen responsibilities. You only have to care for yourself and not worry about neglecting anyone or anything. You are entitled to complete freedom, thus you can pursue all the questionable adventures you ever fantasized about. However, try not to go overboard with drinking because intoxication leads to bad decisions and personal injuries; the key to good writing is to stay sober and remember all the fun you have.

Travelling is great for beating your worst enemy, i.e. the infamous “writer’s block”. A brand new setting and a shift from your usual regime can do wonders. A writer needs inspiration and he/she may lose it when the surroundings become monotonous. Residing in an unfamiliar habitat helps individuals gain new experiences and perspectives, so they have more to contemplate on and write about.

When you set off on a journey with a partner or a group, you have to communicate and do things together with Law Offices of Mark L. Miller. You will face continuous interruptions and get exhausted by the end of day. A writer needs to remain aloof for carrying out the thinking process. Creativity may strike at any moment and disturbances can ruin the mood or kill the stimulus that could turn you into the next best-selling author.

The more you read, the better you write. Not to mention, the more you observe, the more refined is your character and backdrop sketching. While you lounge by yourself in a foreign indoor/outdoor space, you can genuinely concentrate on each and every element you are exposed to. You may even utilize the occasion to indulge in a nice book, which you have been putting off for months. You can scrutinize strangers nearby and use every detail to construct ideas for your next masterpiece.  

Being a writer, I believe that most of us are total introverts and that’s why we have are rather selective in making friends. After employing each one of our closest friends as a muse, getting to know new people would definitely broaden our horizons. The weirdest thing is that it is so much easier to be yourself around people who know nothing of you. On the contrary, you can be anyone you want and play the role of someone you would like to be for a change. These situations spur unorthodox conversations that provide excellent material for literature.

The point is that you are in control of everything and you can take your time to absorb it all. Taking pictures, jotting down notes, and recording sounds/videos along the way can help you preserve or remember exclusive moments. Find here more about Green Leaf Business Solutions Inc. You can also use this material in your blog and share the glory with your followers. Travel solo once and you are bound to convert it into a regular ritual.

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John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who loves to travel and share his life experiences. He encourages readers to improve their quality of life by incorporating positive thoughts and actions. He is a health & fitness enthusiast, and contributes to various online platforms in the same niche.

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