What Do You Get with London Serviced Accommodations?


London serviced accommodations are booming in popularity, and that’s for a whole list of good reasons. However, if you haven’t booked one yet, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about and what you actually get for your hard-earned money.

Well, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to highlight all the luxurious benefits you get from booking a serviced apartment in London.

Let’s get started.

1: More Living Space

If you’ve ever booked a hotel stay, you know how cramped it can be. Your hotel room is basically two rooms. You get one decent-sized room with everything jammed into it, and then a bathroom that is so poorly insulated that everyone else in the room can hear exactly what you’re doing.

With a serviced apartment, you get much more than that. You get a whole luxury apartment. This means that you’ll get a full kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedrooms, and more, and they’re all properly separated as you would expect in a proper living arrangement.

This is so much more comfortable than trying to fit a family into a hotel room, and even if you’re alone or just with your partner, the added room to move is a major blessing.

2: Furnishings

The furnishings in a hotel are little more than a bed, microwave, TV, and half bathroom. That’s it. If you’re lucky, there might be a small chair and table in the corner for a little light desk work.

With a serviced apartment, the entire place is fully furnished. The kitchen has all the appliances and storage space you need, the living room is just as well, if not better, equipped than your own, and the bedrooms are completely outfitted with everything you need to be comfortable. Better yet, the bathrooms are full bathrooms. We all know how important that is when you’ve been running around exploring the city for a week or helping a new business venture for months.

3: Optional Services

Of course, serviced apartments don’t come with room service, maid service, or other things that you get in a hotel. You basically get to live in the apartment privately like you would your own home.

However, you can opt for those services. Most serviced apartment owners offer a variety of cleaning, laundry, specialty parking, and other services to make guests feel at home. So, if you’re ever in need of something, and you don’t want to do it yourself, you might just need to open your pocketbook a little, and it’ll get taken care of.

4: Security

Apartments don’t typically have on-site security when you’re leasing. They’re like houses. You lock your doors, install cameras, and call it a day. However, you don’t have time to install security devices and such when you’re just booking a serviced apartment. Not to mention, you can’t make adjustments to the property.

Instead, you get something much better.

The serviced apartment is secure. On-site security staff monitor the property and prevent any crimes from taking place.

Get a Serviced Apartment in London

You’re hearing a lot about serviced apartments for a reason. They’re a step above hotels, and they’re great luxury experiences. They don’t even cost much more than a hotel in London. So, there’s no reason not to!

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