Watch Out- Webcam Can Be Perilous


In today’s era of technology due to the invention of worldwide web, the world has become a global village i.e. anything and everything is just a click away. Be it online shopping, checking in to your flight before time while still being at home or talking to family and relatives living in different parts of the world. Not only just talking, technology has made it possible to have a look at your loved ones live then and there through webcams. Webcams have shrunk the distances between people even more. Be it any important occasion, party, birthdays, graduation, wedding or funeral, a business meeting in two diverse divisions of the world, create videos or have a video communication like never before.

While there exist numerous fringe benefits and favorable outlooks and perspectives of any certain technology, it does come with the vulnerability to be exploited and being misused. Webcams have also emerged as a menace to ones confidentiality and computer security.

Even more than you can comprehend, you are most likely to be vulnerable in this digital world. Today almost every device you buy has either a built in camera or a separate attachable camera. But there is a possibility that someone might also be peeping through those black holes to keep an eye on you only and might be recording or clicking pictures of you without your consent.

With such dexterous and proficient features (read more on like the ability to tilt on their own, with the highest powers of lens, with the capacity to zoom in and zoom out, capture videos and pictures, webcams are a great threat which we should be aware of. Following may be the ways you are being the victim of webcam lapse.

  1. Spying

Webcams are considered as a very efficient spying tool. Anyone at the other end of the cable might be keeping an eye on your day to day activities without even you having slightest of idea about it. In return they can make use of that information in several unfavorable and hostile ways you can’t even think of.

  1. Susceptible changing rooms

Even the changing rooms at a clothing store are not reliable. There might be built in webcams to see your activity being observed and controlled remotely from another location.

  1. Webcam hijacking

Hackers may break into your computer by compromising your passwords and may take over your entire computer system. Through that they would be able to not only have access to your private information, intimate pictures and videos but they are looking for even more content that would be troublesome for you.

  1. Viruses

Keep in mind that your computer might be infected with several viruses such as Trojan that can activate your webcam without being in your knowledge. For that reason you should have an internet security suite like Norton security and have it updated on regular basis.

  1. Breach in through default password

The default passwords can also be used by the hackers to gain passage through your webcams. They may design a software script that enables them to control your webcam. So it’s highly essential to change the default password one to install the device.

  1. Random clicks

It is highly unadvisable to click on random pop up ads and links as well as emails from suspicious entities as they might enclose malicious content leading to invisible threats.

  1. Don’t talk to strangers

People on dating sites eventually lead to webcam communication after getting to know each other through a few chat sessions; they lure you into their fake congeniality to gain your confidence and later to harm you in various incomprehensible ways.

It is BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY. Technology is being concocted through using brains in return it demands to be used with intelligence and astuteness in order to make the most out it. Webcams may be a great source of communication and ease but its inappropriate usage may lead to injurious and destructive consequences.

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