Vaping While Touring: Top Tips For Lugging Your E-Cig Paraphernalia About


You’ve been successful in quitting cigarettes thanks to your vaping device and trusted choice in e-liquid. But you have a big trip coming up and you don’t want it to be the reason for a relapse. You want zero issues as you go through security and customs with your vaping device and accessories. Here’s how to vape while on tour.

Read Up Per Location

You can’t ask a vaping genie if it’s okay to vape at your future destination but you can use Google and read up on laws and customs. Also, take note of laws regarding the sale of vaping devices and e-liquids. In some places, you can’t sell the materials but it’s okay to use them for personal use.

Bring It On

There’s a chance an airport agent will have questions about your vape device and e-liquid, so it’s best to bring it along with your carry luggage. Otherwise, you may find some liquids or devices did not make the trip due to confiscation. Keep your materials on your person so there are no surprises or misunderstandings.

Take a Liquid Surplus

It’s a common blunder of beginners. You packed your device and favorite e-liquid…without realizing you don’t have enough e-juice to last your entire trip. What do you do when you’re in a strange place and your Element eliquid in the UK is hundreds of miles away? Even if you order it online, it may take too long to get to your destination. All the more reason to ensure you take more than you need.

Don’t Vape on the Plane

Don’t be obnoxious about vaping, especially in places where you’re considered a guest. Don’t vape on your domestic flight or assume you can during any international travels. Furthermore, be aware of social customs in foreign places; even if it’s not illegal, you don’t want to vape in public and insult those around you.

Check the Device

Some devices and liquids contained within are affected by turbulence and the rising and landing of an aircraft. Check the integrity of your device and the location of liquids after landing. Built-up pressure may clog your device or cause it to act irregularly. Also, it may save you a lot of stress to bring along any cleaning accessories or spare parts related to your vaping device.

Be Prepared

Even if you pack added e-juice and safely get your device and supplies into a visited country, there’s no accounting for misplaced chargers or squashed packages containing e-liquids. Be prepared for the worst when on your trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure. If you prepare for the possibility of not vaping, it is less likely to ruin your trip or cause a sour mood.

Stay in Charge

Stay on top of daily routines that will likely change when in another place and time zone. The differences could make you forgetful or unable to manage a routine. Don’t forget to charge your device and load it with your favorite e-juice. It would be unfortunate to be unprepared at a mountain summit, the beach, or other remote location.

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