Unusual Holistic Destinations


Life can be a redundant circle of unpredictable trouble, at times. With so many factors involved like your spouse, children, work, religion, and even entertainment, things can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. There isn’t one of us that would pass up the chance to take a break from it all.

There are several places that we think we would like to pass the time such as the beach, our favorite amusement park, or just a short trip into nature. However, as much as we would like to think that these destinations give our whole selves a break, they only treat parts of us and then we get back to real life wondering why we don’t feel genuinely refreshed. Below are three options to try the next time you need a rest from reality.

Spa And Meditation Centers

Nothing can compare to a good massage and some peace and quiet. Our world is noisy and constantly bustling. Even in the country, you rarely have a moment of solace while going about your daily routine. Unless you steal these moments, they evade us at every turn. Searching for a regular getaway is great and can relieve a great amount of stress, but a holistic getaway is meant to reboot you; to give you a fresh start and a new outlook on reality as it applies to you.

One of the ways to accomplish that is to book a week at a spa and meditation center. Here, you can give your body the spoiling that it needs to get rid of physically stressing toxins and take the opportunity to meditate and center yourself, as well. The distractions and everyday troubles of the world are much easier to handle if we can approach them from a point of peace and concentration.

Recovery Centers

I can hear the odd looks already. A recovery center? Yes. Let’s face it. The reality for some is that life has made them feel forced into coping with it through drugs and alcohol. These things provide for them what the majority of us would seek in a run of the mill vacation. Recovering addicts need a full recovery from life just like the rest of us.

There are facilities that have made this the center of their programs. Treating not just the addiction itself, but the whole person, mind, body, and soul. Having an addiction of any type stems from poor coping mechanisms, feelings of self doubt, and overall low self esteem. To treat the physical aspects of addiction only makes no sense and sets recovery up for failure.

Natural Holism

Have you ever just sat out in nature, whether it be on a hike, overlooking a beautiful bluff, or just sitting on the beach, and felt a supernatural calm sweep over you? You could fall asleep standing up in rain, it’s so peaceful. We are part of nature. We come from it, live in it, and it sustains us. There is no way we could ever escape it. So, it makes sense that spending some time there is like plugging up your phone to recharge.

Nature is our power source. There are several places, in nature, you can go to recharge your whole self. You could spend a week watching the waves of the ocean break on the sandy shores of a beach, sitting in the hot springs of Pamukkale, Turkey, or camping in the wilderness.

In the end, we all need time away to recuperate from our daily lives. Why not treat the whole you and come back to reality with a renewed fervor for your life and everyone and everything in it?!

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