Travelling – Make Money from Anywhere in the World


Travelling the world is a dream of many. Yet few are able to realize their dream because it is not financially viable for them. Travelling from place to place means that the work you do cannot be a normal nine to five job. Is there a way to make enough money while travelling to support that kind of lifestyle? With the information and connectivity age we find ourselves in, it is possible to have a reliable income regardless of where in the world you find yourself this week.

Several jobs can be done from a remote location with little more than a laptop and an internet connection. Listed below are some of the best ways to earn an income while travelling.

Foreign exchange market trading

The foreign exchange market, forex for short, is the marketplace where all of the world’s currencies trade. It is an excellent way to earn an income from a remote location. While you will not be able to start travelling the day you start trading, over time it is possible to make a real living from it. Also, don’t forget that forex trading is just one example of trading options, you might also wish to look into the stocks market, here you can buy british airways shares as well as stocks and shares of many other companies around the globe.

Currencies trade in pairs, such as USD/EUR. As market values fluctuate, a trader is able to make profitable purchases and sales as the market turns in their favour. The amount of money made from each trade can be small but when trading thousands at a time, it can quickly add up. By making use of news websites such as CMC Markets traders keep up-to-date with the latest information that could affect the forex market, allowing them to make more profitable trades.


Copywriting is a style of writing that is most used on the internet. Companies pay handsomely to have articles written for their website or blogs. If you have a talent with words, writing can be a great form of income. To obtain projects, writers are able to use the services of websites to meet new clients or you a writer can find clients of their own. It is freelance work and writers earn based on the amount of time they put in. Experience counts and someone who is an expert in a field can expect to receive more for their work as they pass on that information.


If you know more than one language well, you might want to consider doing translations for money. There is high demand for quality translators online that are able to translate websites and various texts to other languages. Each project is paid for individually and work can be found on websites that specialize in translations.

Affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is a term used for a performance based marketing technique. A person can become an affiliate for a specific company, generating leads that they send to the company. Some campaigns pay for each customer sent while others pay for each sale made by referred clients. To advertise the products you are marketing for a company, you can create a website to promote it or use various services such as Google’s pay per click campaigns. Email marketing is another way to reach a customer base.


 For those who are experienced and qualified programmers, coding can be a fantastic way to earn money from anywhere in the world. As with writing and translating, there is a high demand for good programmers that can create apps, websites and programs. Those with specific programming skills earn even more money, especially if there are not many coders that can do what you do.

Graphic design

If you have an artistic talent and skills with programs such as Photoshop, graphic design is a job that can allow you to travel while earning good income. Create logos and ads for companies online, from anywhere in world. As a freelance graphic designer, you may start off by taking every job you can get, but as your skills develop and your portfolio grows, you will be able to choose only the most interesting work.

Is has never been as easy as it is today to make money while travelling. The internet and other technologies have opened the door to many more possibilities than our parents had. Delve into the world of online money making and make your dream of travelling a reality.

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