Travel Tips

Things to check before travelling

To avoid trouble when travelling to the USA make sure that you have checked the key things before boarding that plane.

Make sure you have a valid Visa

It’s important to know that you have the correct Visa credentials before travelling. For the full lowdown and the do’s and don’ts check out

Ensure your passport is valid

Check with your government what your passport substance abuse requirements are – Some require at least 6 months on your passport, others to only be valid during your stay.

Pick the right lock for your luggage

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enforces strict baggage guidelines for safety and security, ensure that you have chosen a TSA approved lock meaning if required they can open your luggage with a master key without having to break your lock.

Airport transfers

Upon arrival in the US you will notice how much the country is reliant on cars, don’t get caught out and pre-arrange your transfer from the airport.

Understanding tipping

New to the US? Understanding tipping etiquette is a must. Anyone in the serving industry makes a low wage and it is expected that you tip for good service. Anything between 10-15% is acceptable and drivers will expect $2/3 per person.