Travel in any Rainy Country: What to Pack


Keeping dry during a rainy season can be tricky. Besides, it can be incredibly annoying if you had planned to have a good day and you end up getting a soggy pair of shoes or, even worse, a damp sweater. Those two can ruin anyone’s day.

Here, in this post, are some items you should pack as you head on to a place that is set to experience downpour:

Womens raincoat

Raincoats always swing in to save the day when it gets all rainy and wet. However, if you want maximum protection against the rain and adverse weather, choose a hooded one. The hood will keep your hair from soaking and save you a trip to the salon.

Additionally, it would help if you went for one that is waterproof. That will save you from getting wet while outdoors.

Lastly, if you are looking for something chick, pick a womens raincoat that has adjustable ties at the back so that it can cinch your waist and bring out your figure.

A jacket with a deep hood that is sturdy

The hooded jacket comes in handy when you want to avoid packing an umbrella. Umbrellas can take up space in your suitcase.

Even the compact ones will eat up too much space that you can use elsewhere. That is why; if you want to save on this space, carry a hooded jacket with a sturdy hoody.

Additionally, a hooded jacket seems to be more fashionable and will go well with nearly any look.

Lastly, umbrellas are always subject to damage. It can quickly spoil, and you have to buy a new one.

Go for pants with water-resistant treatment.

Many people tend to go for jeans because they assume that they will retain heat during the cold weather. The truth is, jeans do not retain heat but retain moisture.

If you happen to be rained on, and you have a pair of jeans, chances are they will get uncomfortably soggy very quickly.

Additionally, do not pack up rain pants. The rain pants are appropriate if you are heading on a hike. However, if you are heading to a city for a vacation, carry pants with water-resistant treatment.

Lastly, you could also go with leggings because they dry up quickly. It would help if you went for the ones with a fleece lining because they are warm.

All-weather shoes

Do not be the type of person who goes for rubber boots because the weather is set to be rainy. Instead, go for the more viable look, a pair of all-weather shoes. The secret lies in finding the proper outdoor adventure footwear that fits well.

The all-weather shoes come in quite a variety. You can easily find a classy option that does not necessarily look like some rugged hiking boots. There are options for both males and females.

Water-resistant backpack

Everyone needs a backpack while travelling. Backpacks are essential in storing essential goods that you probably need on your journey. Here, you can keep any electronic device or a meal to eat on the road. That is why you need a waterproof bag to keep all your stuff dry.

Always remember to pack a day before the trip to avoid leaving anything that is essential behind. Usually, when people are in a rush to travel, they forget to pack some items. Additionally, you can have a packing list, which you can crosscheck as you pack to ensure nothing is left behind.

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