Tour The Most Entertaining Escape Room Experiences In America


Real-life escape rooms are the newest form of adventure drawing interest from people all over the world.  People willingly choose to be locked in a room, centered around a particular theme, and work together to find a solution/escape.  

All of the answers and steps towards a successful escape are hidden within the different elements of the room.  Find clues, solve puzzles, use your best logic to get everyone safely out of the room within the set time limit.  

The growing trend has resulted in several challenging opportunities all around the United States.  Here is a short overview of a few of the best and most entertaining escape room experiences in the U.S.

Houston, we have a problem

Die in the sky, or make it home safely; Which will be the fate of the astronauts assigned to the Apollo 13 mission to the moon?  The Escape Hunt in Houston offers the opportunity to accept a historical mission.  

The seventh manned mission to the moon launched in April of 1970.  The mission ran into some very troubling issues, risking the life of the whole crew.  Your mission is to bring the astronauts home safely.

Los Angeles and the basement

If you are a fan of the particularly scary experiences, LA’s Basement will suffice your urge to scream.  Horror enthusiasts cannot get enough of the fear induced when a crazed serial killer moves in closer for the kill.  

The cannibalistic killer is met through the linear storyline created in a three room series.  Take the night to feel the fright, and visit The Basement.   

Atlanta is on a mission to escape

Mission Escape in Atlanta, Georgia features two puzzling trap rooms.  The Study challenges participants to successfully steal a rare jewel from a millionaire thief, and return it to its rightful owners… The British Royal Family!

The other option for adventure features a Hotel managed by a less-than-awesome proprietor.  Groups will have only 60 minutes to figure out how to escape the clutches of the puzzling hotel floorplans.

Boston offers some of the best Trapology

Trapology in Boston, MA plays host to two brain-teasing and puzzling rooms.  The Hustler Room supports a gambling theme.  

The Drunk Tank features a confusing morning after a long night at the Sox game.  Did you get to drunk?  What happened to lead to an ending in a jail cell?  

Kansas City, Missouri hosts the breakout

The Breakout in Kansas City features four different rooms and four unique experiences.  This location remains top among all the escape locations in the world.  The rooms include the River Quay Casino, The Truman Room, Room 13, and The Szechuan Secret.

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