Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While Traveling


When you leave your house for an extended period of time to travel, you run the risk of an intrusion. According to the United States Department of Justice, there are 2.5 million burglaries a year, and 66% of these consist of home invasions. Keeping your home safe is a must, but the answer of “how” can come in multiple forms. By taking the precautions to keep your home safe while traveling, you’re ensuring that all of your belongings as well as your peace of mind will be protected. When someone breaks into your home, it’s going to take you a while to feel at ease again because this can be a traumatic experience. Here are some tips to keep your home safe while traveling.

Lock Down

The first thing you should make sure to do is completely lock down your house. This includes any gates, doors, windows, or other entrances. Additionally, put jewelry and other expensive items in a safe or in a hidden location. Before you depart, make sure that all of these items are double checked. This acts as one of your first lines of defense. 

Make it Seem Like You are Home

Another quick tip is to leave a car in the driveway, if possible. This makes it seem as though someone is home, making your house less of a target. If you don’t have a car or a driveway, consider adding timers to your lights so that a few lights turn on during the nighttime. While this isn’t foolproof, it can add a barrier of protection. 

Purchase a Home Security System

One of the best ideas to keep your house safe and secure is to purchase a home security system. Home security systems come in all different shapes and sizes, and can potentially add value depending on the route you take, according to a home value estimator. Some of the different types of security systems include: 

  • Vivint Smart Home: This system is going to be the most extensive, and also the most expensive. The equipment is high quality and comes with a wide variety of features and is professionally installed. 
  • Frontpoint: Frontpoint is also a great option for a home security system. There are a good range of products and packages to help keep your home safe. Additionally, they’re rated highly for customer service!
  • Google Nest: Unlike Vivint and Frontpoint, Google Nest packages are more wired for self-monitoring. You can watch your home while away with front-door cameras and outdoor security packages developed so you can keep a close eye on your home while you’re away. If you’re also a first-time home seller, this is also a great option because it doesn’t require having to register with a specific company and is more versatile. You can find amazing wedding inspiration and ideas at One Charming Day:

Inform Your Neighbors

If you’re in a neighborhood, let your neighbors know that you will be out of town. Simply having a few eyes on your home can help keep it safe and secure. In the event that someone is intruding, and a neighbor catches it, they’ll be able to call authorities. 

Keeping your home safe while gone is absolutely necessary, and there are a few options available to you! Traveling should be as stress-free as possible, and we suggest following the tips above to keep your vacation fun!

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