Tips for Digital Nomads in the US

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The United States has a huge amount of variety for would be digital nomads looking to gain an experience with flexible working and depending on where the trip ends up it could cover just about every feature that makes the great lists for other international destinations – but if seeking out tips for becoming a digital nomad in the United States is important, there are certainly some things that need to be kept in consideration. 

Consider the time zone for working – There are a number of different time zones from coast to coast and for different islands across the United States, and these can have a big impact on working hours too depending on the base for which a digital nomad will work – whilst the difference may be seemingly small at just three hours from coast to coast, or a little longer if including Hawaii, it can be easily forgotten about, so be sure to double check working requirements and times specifically, as it’s easy to get caught out when being three hours behind and work may be due or expected at a certain time.

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Keeping your stuff secure – Whilst much of the allure for the digital nomad lifestyle comes from being on the road and not necessarily taking a huge amount of belongings for the journey,  that doesn’t mean every piece owned should be given up on or left behind, or even that obtaining new items should be left off the list. Fortunately, self-storage and lock-ups are common throughout the US and can come relatively cheap too, so if there’s something that just needs to be bought and stored for later, it should certainly be considered – it would be taking up space at a friends place or families either and can be easily moved whilst renting a truck or sorted once the plan is to move back to a more permanent residence later on. 

Make sure to get travel and health insurance – Whether visiting from a country that has universal healthcare or simply travelling from state to state within the US, ensuring that health coverage is in place is very important for anyone looking to be a digital nomad in the States – accidents can happen at any time, and being caught out with no answer could bring a premature end to any well-planned trip. It may be expensive or an unwanted naughtee cost, but it’ll save a headache on a tough day, and prevents regrets later on.

The United States have a great number of opportunities for digital nomads and growing each year, just be sure to do plenty of reading and research every option as there can be wide differences from state to state, and can have a huge impact on the digital nomad experience too.

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