Why is Sustainable Tourism the Travel Industry’s Duty?


Developing countries are promoting various beautiful places to attract tourists and foreign investors. They believe that tourism can help them build a better economy. However, without creating sustainable practices, tourist traffic might end up destroying these locations.

Sustainable tourism is a type of tourism where locals directly benefit from tourism practices that are regulated in such a way as to limit the harm to the environment. It is important to read more about sustainable tourism to understand how it affects the community as a whole.

In this article, we are going to talk about why the travel industry should promote sustainable tourism.

  • Has Popular Demand

First of all, sustainable tourism is gaining global popularity.  Based on the 2013 Travel Guard Survey, it has earned a high reputation among many travelers. Travelers who understand the value of tourist locations are willing to pay more in exchange for the experience they get. And for the past ten years, many tourists continue to travel to countries that offer environmental-tour packages.

  • Promotes the Local Economy

Secondly, it boosts local and world trade. Sustainable tourism helps the local economy by stimulating employment opportunities for locals.  Travel agencies and operators have started to include ecological activities to their travel packages. Many tourists are usually attracted to these activities such as forest trekking, cave tours, and more.

Then rising tourist population allows governments to create business opportunities. People have more chances of getting a job. They can now work as tour guides, housekeepers, service crew members, and handicraft makers. It lessens the rate of unemployment in the country. Aside from that, they are also able to export their products because of its demand abroad. Many people have started to invest more in local arts and handicrafts.

  • Showcases Culture and Tradition

Thirdly, it allows tourists to understand different cultures. These places will become a meeting place for people with different cultural backgrounds.

Recently, many communities are tapped to help facilitate cultural tours. These tours allow tourists to experience how the locals live from day to day. Some communities usually offer art and handicrafts-making lessons to tourists. They also introduce local delicacies and teach cultural dances and rituals.

In the social aspect, sustainable tourism allows locals to feel more positive and prouder of their own culture and tradition.

  • Helps People to Conserve the Environment

Last but not least, people learn to protect their environment. It’s easier to learn the importance of conserving the environment when your income and livelihood depends on it. People are now more heavily invested to incorporate conservation techniques in their daily lives. With this, they will be able to preserve the environment for the future generations.

Final Thoughts

Sustainable tourism is imperative for developing countries. It allows them to show off what their country has to offer to the rest of the world. It also helps people show active concern about the sustainability of their environment.

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