Staying Safe During Travel to India


You can travel with a friend or a group, hire a tour guide, or just wing it, be certain that you are aware of your surroundings if you want to travel safely in India. Despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, tourists are very aware of the issues that India can have with crime. Before embarking on your trip, use a Spicejet booking service to arrange connecting flights to various cities in India. It is considered much safer to travel by airline rather than by train. Check out these tips for tourists who want to see the splendors that India has to offer while still feeling secure in their surroundings.

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Stick To Your Travel Plans

It is highly suggested that you take a map of India and create an itinerary, complete with routes and estimated travel times before you leave home. Some parts of India can be very rural, heavily polluted,  and lack dependable public transportation, so you need to account for how you are going to get everywhere, as well how long it is going to take you. Check in with someone you love back at home so that they can always know that you are safe. If changes need to be made, make sure that you let everyone who matters know about it with as much advance notice as possible.

Make Friends Fast

If you are the type of traveler who likes to be alone and take pictures in silence, you had better get used to the way socialization and friendships work in India. With each new place you visit, people may flock to you if you look different than the native residents. Go to a temple and you may be surrounded by children who want to touch you and practice English with you. Other travelers from other parts of India will strike up friendly conversations and give you their best wishes. It can be safer for you to interact with all people that you come in contact with, as it will make you look like you’re more familiar with the area.

Don’t Go To Unfamiliar Places

Just as NYPD will tell you that it is not a good idea to wander the sketchier parts of New York City at night on your own, things might not end well for you if you decide to go on into Mumbai solo, after dark, and without a clue. Criminals target foreigners in every country, and they will go after you if you look confused and look to be carrying valuables. Stick to areas that are rife with tourists and locals, where it is well lit and there are plenty of businesses that are well lit and open for business.

Traveling to some places in the world requires you to stay on your toes, and India happens to be one of those countries. Traveling there will be inexpensive and exciting, but you are also going to experience a different way of life. If you are alert, friendly, and stay the course, your planned trip there will be a trek that remains in your memory forever.

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