Four Solitary Destinations In Maui To Enjoy The Best Seaside Vacation


Located in the Central Pacific Ocean, Maui is renowned among travelers for its beautiful beaches, great weather and luxurious resorts. This small Hawaiian island has become a favorite among travelers to spend a perfect vacation in Hawaii. However, with increasing number of tourists every year, the pristine beaches of Maui can appear more crowded than your liking. For the peace and solitude seeking traveler in you, here’s a list of four not so crowded locations in Maui. Maui beach house rentals has some the best luxurious beachfront accommodations in these locations, where you can sit back and enjoy your vacation away from the crowd. You will be able to experience a more authentic Hawaiian way of life,while not compromising on the beauty or luxuriousness Maui has become synonymous with.


Located right next door to Waileaor the ‘Beverly Hills of Maui’, Kihei is one of the most beautiful yet less crowded areas in Maui. Kihei is situated on the southwest shore of Maui. It is one of the sunniest and dried part of the island. The beautiful view of the picture-perfect six mile long coastline of this place is perfect for surfing and swimming. You can also visit the local favorite‘Kalama Beach Park’. Go for a long, relaxing walk in this thirty six acres of oceanfront area full of palm trees and shady lawns. After you have had enough time away from the crowd, Kihei also has some of the best nightlife Maui has to offer in store for you.


If you’re someone who considers Lahaina AKA ‘the center of Maui’ to be overcrowded and overwhelmingly popular, then Napili is just the place for you. The small town of Napili is located just to the north of Lahaina. This calm and quaint location has one of the most beautiful coastlines on the island. The area is surrounded with beautiful and luxurious condominiums as it is just a stone’s throw away from some of the most popular places in Maui. However Napili still manages to hide itself away from the bulk of the crowd. You can enjoy the swaying palm trees, the turquoise blue waters and the sandy white beaches, and have some memorable yet private moments here.


If you want a quitter replacement for the much happening South Maui town Kaanapali, thenWailea is your best bet. Although there are a lot of luxuty resorts, Wailea is a lot quieter and drier than its western sister. Located at the south shore, this ‘jewel of Maui’ has some grand coastal views which makes a visit to this place worthwhile. Do check out the chapel while you’re here, which tells a beautiful Hawaiian love story in stained glass.


Hana is probably the best known location on this list, and all of Maui. However this small little coastal town isn’t overcrowded with tourists. Thanks to its secluded location at the eastern tip, Hana continues to be one of last unspoiled Hawaiian location. Bathe under the sun at the Hana Beach Park, go scuba diving, snorkel at the Waianapanapa State Park – and spent the perfect Hawaiian vacation, away from the crowd.

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