Should You Book a Holiday in North or South England?


England is a fairly large country, and it’s separated into two dramatically different sections with various cultural differences and unique attractions.

So, if you’re planning to book a holiday in England, whether you’re a local trying to see what area is best for vacationing or a visitor from somewhere else, you should probably have a good understanding of what each option has to offer.

South England

South England has a lot to offer for tourists. There are the massive, luxurious Woolacombe holiday parks and parks dotted around the rest of Devon, and those are great for staycations where you can enjoy everything you could possibly want on a vacation in one place. This is the most unique advantage the south has over North England.

However, holiday parks aren’t the only things you’ll be able to enjoy.

There are also quaint rural landscapes with historical landmarks, castles, peaceful villages, and more lesser-known market areas that will provide ample opportunities to see a different side of Southern England compared to the luxury of the parks and city areas.

These more out-of-the-way attractions are well-worth the added travel time, and the food, peaceful atmosphere, and friendly locals make them unforgettable experiences. On top of this, there are some nature-based attractions such as the national park and the various channels and beaches near Woolacombe.

However, not everything about the south is perfect. Due to its several well-known tourism destinations, and its heavy focus on staycation parks, you’re more likely to have to deal with crowds and all the problems that come along with that.

Overall, South England is a well-rounded destination with plenty of things to do and places to see. If you can handle the high amount of tourist traffic in some areas, you’re guaranteed to love your stay.

North England

North England is South England’s direct competitor in the eyes of most holiday goers. However, it’s dramatically different compared to its southern counterpart.

In Northern England, you won’t find tons of holiday parks and high-profile tourist destinations that put luxury and excitement over cultural experiences and calmness.

Instead, you’ll be treated to hillside castles that are hundreds of years old, small villages packed with history and the type of experience you expect from a more rural environment. There are tons of markets to visit, and the restaurants are known for their pub-style traditional meals.

There are also more natural opportunities in the north. The northern coast is lined with sandy beaches, hidden coves, and winding channels. There are national parks for woodland adventures, and simply taking a drive through the countryside can be an experience of its own.

There are also fewer high-traffic areas. So, loners and people who don’t like to be caught up in crowds will enjoy the calmness.

With that being said, many of the more modern and luxurious experiences are missing.

We Recommend Southern England

Southern England is probably your best bet. There’s a much higher variety of experiences available, and this allows you to create one wild rollercoaster of a holiday as you go from exciting water parks to quaint villages and calm beaches. The accommodations are bar-none, and you just can’t beat the variety available.

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