Once in a while, we usually succumb to the temptation of a cute animal in a pet shop. We dig deeper into our pockets only to realize later that a pet is the last thing we ever wanted and we are unequipped to take on the responsibility of the furry friend. After all, keeping a pet requires a lot of work, not just from you, but also those you live with.

Pets, just like children, will always have your hands full. You have to feed them, shelter them, train them to adapt to your principles and standards. Even when you want to go away on holiday, you have to think about them, whether or not they are coming on board or who will look after them while you are away.

Here are four questions to ask yourself before you get a pet;

Why do you need one?

Unfortunately, that ‘wow, it’s cute’ spur of the moment isn’t enough reason for you to own a pet. Just because it looks cute in a pet shop doesn’t mean you should purchase it. If you are getting a dog for security purposes, get one that will be up to the task. Don’t get one that is playful and will want to chase balls with intruders all day. Are you ready for a pet?

Do you have the time?

Pets will always want the owner to play with them and provide good company. So you should really look inside you and see how much you would be willing to spend with a pet. Cats don’t like being left home alone, so will someone be at home to look after it if you are constantly on traveling? Are you also willing to dedicate your time to train it to your standards? Look at your lifestyle and see if a pet will be able to fit into it comfortably. You can check sites like to know all that is required to maintain a pet.

Are you able to afford its lifestyle?

Yes, you can dig deep into your pockets and buy the pet. Are you able to sustain the pet’s lifestyle after purchasing it though? Considering certain aspects of your life before you get a pet is really important. Or will you expect the pet to adapt to your diet and eat whatever it is you’re taking? Pet food doesn’t come cheap. Can you afford vet services for them? Getting a pet might mean reorganizing your priorities especially when it comes to finances.

Do you really love pets?

Can you stand the purring of a cat? Or you secretly hate when dogs wag their tails at your feet? When you were a kid, did pets freak you out or annoy you? If your love for animals goes deeper than admiring their cuteness at pet shops, then go ahead and get your pet. Otherwise, stay away from them! You might also want to consider if you have any allergies to animals before you get one around you.

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