Pros and Cons of an All-Inclusive Family Vacation


All-inclusive resorts are undoubtedly a great place for a family vacation. After all, they do take care of you properly and you don’t have to worry about numerous little things which might ruin the time you want to spend with your loved ones.

Of course, there are pros and cons of all-inclusive family vacations so we will lay everything down in this article in order to help you make the best decision about your future trip.

Let’s get started.


Eating and drinking

What everyone loves about all-inclusive resorts is the fact that the food and drink are included in the price. Therefore, there is no need to search for local restaurants nearby which might serve the food your family likes. Instead, all-inclusive resorts will prepare buffets throughout the day, covering each and every meal you want to have.

You will get a variety of options when it comes to food so all members of your family will be able to find something for themselves. This is very useful for kids who are picky eaters. We also have to mention that some resorts have additional restaurants that specialize in different cuisines. And, you don’t have to pay any extra money to eat there either.

All-inclusive resorts offer room service as well so you can get the food delivered to your room if you don’t feel like going out. And your room should also have a minibar you can use without additional charges to your bill.

Plenty of activities

All-inclusive resorts offer a large number of activities to you and your family on a daily basis. There are yoga classes, dance lessons, art workshops, and more. Of course, parasailing, diving, or snorkeling are also an option for more adventurous travelers. Since resorts are built like small communities, you can choose to go to a wellness center or a spa as well.

There is always something going on throughout the day (and night) so your whole family can find something to do within the resort. Live music is very common, but some places do have stand-up comedy and karaoke too.

Choosing your location

There are many types of all-inclusive resorts, so selecting the best one for your family will be easy. If you are traveling to an island country, you can expect that the resorts will be near a beach and accessible from an airport. If your resort is not near water, it probably has a private beach somewhere close which can be reached on foot.

Some resorts are for adults only so they do not allow kids, but the majority of them are family-friendly. All-inclusive resorts can be seen as small towns on their own because they have tall walls and a security team that monitors the activity on the premises in order to make sure you and your little ones are safe.

Pricing and budgeting

When you do your calculations, it is clear that all-inclusive packages are more affordable, especially if you are traveling with a family. They include accommodations, food, and extra activities within the resort. So once you put a payment down, you will be set for an entire vacation.

You will know exactly what to expect because all-inclusive resorts will have an overview of each and every package they offer on the official website. If you want to save even more money, follow the pages that might offer discounts and special prices for all-inclusive vacations. You can score a great deal that covers your entire stay for just a fraction of a price.


The quality of food

The food might not be as tasty as you have expected so if you enjoy luxurious meals, you will might not be that satisfied.

There are always options such as dining out in a fancy restaurant in a nearby town where you can order dishes that are not available in a resort. Or you can visit a restaurant that is a part of your resort. Keep in mind that if you decide to go there, you have to make a reservation in advance because they are usually booked, especially in the evenings.

No exploring

If you are an adventurous traveler who wants to experience the authentic feeling of a country you are visiting, staying in an all-inclusive resort might not be the best option.

They are not typically located in urban areas so getting to the nearest town will include a ride on a bus or car. Tall resort walls are made to keep you safe so walking out on your own is also not encouraged because you will end up strolling through an unpopulated area with similar tourist resorts all around you.

Occasional extra charges

Before you book an all-inclusive vacation at a resort of your choice, read through all the information and inclusions carefully. Sometimes there will be extra charges for tours or other activities.

Once you figure out what is covered by your payment, you will know which activities to avoid, and which are free of charge.



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