Mykonos for First-Time: Things You Need to Know


If you are going to visit Mykonos for the first time in your life, you may find out there are so many things to do or to see. Although it is a small island, you would probably need a whole summer to explore it and enjoy all the beauties and activities it has to offer.

As it is more likely that your time is limited, it would be better to organize everything well in advance, from your accommodation to the places you want to visit. If you don’t even have the time to do this, a good solution is to use the services of one of the concierge agencies in Mykonos.

Just to give you an idea, here is a small list of the most important things you need to know before organizing your holidays to Mykonos.

Party island

Mykonos is world famous for its crazy parties, either for the ones that take place on the well-known party beaches or for those in city’s big night clubs. Get prepared for sleepless nights, as even if you are not exactly a party animal, you may find a champagne shower interesting or you may get drifted by the mood of the island.

The wild parties on party beaches go on every night during summertime and thousands of guests participate. Party beaches are Paraga, Paradise and Super Paradise.

Especially if you are not a party animal, it is recommended that you book your accommodation having in mind that you will need a quiet place to rest. Mykonos Luxury Villas offer many options for a relaxing, cozy and private accommodation.


It is difficult to describe the lifestyle in Mykonos but it definitely is a special one. As it attracts hundreds of VIPs and celebrities each year, you will find out that the island is prepared to accept reach people and stars from all over the world. Luxury, concierge services, fine dining, glamorous nightlife are only some of the words that could describe the island’s vibe.

Our advice: put your most fashionable clothes and swimsuit in your luggage and get prepared to be spoiled!


If you are on a low budget, there are good local bus connections with the most important spots on the island and a lot of taxis.

But if you would like to live like a celebrity, you can find a lot of limousines for hire, luxury yachts to rent for daily trips and even helicopters.

Most of the 5 star hotels have their own mini buses, limousines and yachts, so it would be better to check first the transportation options your hotel offers.

To visit some of the most secluded beaches of the island, renting a luxury yacht for a day would be a good idea!

Luxury accommodation

You will find a lot of luxury rooms, suites and villas in Mykonos. Depending on your taste, you can choose a room in Chora, so that you will be near everything, or an isolated Mykonos Villa to have more privacy. Whatever you choose, you will find the decoration and the services amazing!

We strongly recommend that you book your accommodation early. There are many dreamlike Mykonos Villas and you will probably find it difficult to choose, but the best ones are booked many months in advance.

Luxury accommodation in Mykonos includes also some really nice five-star hotels with a lot of amenities and services – but the same rule goes here: book early or the best rooms and suites will be taken.


Mykonos has more than thirty beaches, all with clean waters you will enjoy to dive in. Most of the beaches have a sandy coastline but there are also others with rocks and a wilder surrounding.

In some of the beaches you will find a lot of facilities, like beach bars, restaurants, shops and watersports. If you don’t like the crowded ones you can visit some more lounge beaches, like Elia or Agios Ioannis. Your hotel staff or your agent or even the local people, will be happy to give you details about the different beaches so that you visit the ones that suit you best. Don’t hesitate to take advice from the locals as they are very willing to help!

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