Luxury Glamping that Turns Camping into Decadent Living


When you really want to up the luxury rating and go camping, then try out a glamping resort and not a campground. The adapted camping that’s offered at upmarket resorts includes full electricity, heating, comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and sometimes even spa services too. Most glamping is set among beautiful surroundings that provide a relaxing backdrop for a few days of decompression.

Here is a sampling of some of the more luxurious glamping available in the US that hasn’t lost the feeling of camping in the great outdoors.

Stay in a Treehouse to Rise Above It All

This treehouse was designed with luxury glampers in mind and is situated in the Santa Cruz mountain area. It’s designed with a rich redwood, has indoor lighting and comfortable furniture, including a leather sofa, a traditional wood burning stove, and rustic furniture throughout. There’s a separate bathroom and a comfortable sleeping area with a modern mattress too. The artist Randy Beaver built out the treehouse a decade ago and has clearly maintained it well over the years.

For hotter days, you might want to consider bringing a portable camping fan along. There is a range of good ones to choose from at My Family Tent. There’s an outdoor area too while up in the treetops, so having a fan you can point toward any mosquitos will make sitting outside more pleasant too.

Collective Retreats Tented Glamping

Collective Retreats have recently expanded their tented glamping experience from an initial trial run in Yellowstone in Montana and Vail in Colorado (outside of skiing season). They now offer additional luxury glamping experiences in the Hudson Valley on the east coast and near Austin within Texas Hill County.

The white tents provide an expansive setting that feels very 1800’s. Solid wood beams provide some support, but also exterior decoration too. The tents are placed on wooden platforms to keep off the ground. The large beds are covered with Egyptian cotton (1,500 count, no less) and overhead is an antler chandelier to spread light across different parts of the accommodation. There are electrical connections for all your digital devices, a French press for the best morning coffee experience, and an en-suite bathroom of your own too. Within the 15-tent resort, there are spa treatments available and great views all around too.

Living in a Circular Yurt

A pacific yurt, a circular canvas situated overlooking the Trinity River is a perfect place to stay for anyone who enjoys luxury camping and views of the water. The yurt stands 30-feet tall with its domed ceiling and beams holding up this innovative accommodation over in Big Flat, in California.

There’s an electric fireplace to keep the colder nights comfortable, a luxurious tub to relax in, and a deck to sit out on when you feel like it. The Trinity River provides a gentle soundtrack of rushing water, and for bird lovers, there are over two-hundred bird species that pass through the area every year. There are also plenty of places to walk in nature and get away from it all. A perfect spot for understated relaxation.

Glamping resorts are popping up all over the country. It’s not necessary to travel far and wide to find one. There are likely to be several in your state or nearby ones that are accessible by road or a short flight, so you don’t have to feel exhausted when you arrive either.

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