Lightweight Suitcases For Travel


Lightweight suitcases for travel are a must for those of us who are on the move. We can take all of our possessions with us, but it can be difficult to lug around the heavy duty baggage. Many of the designer luggage brands make luggage that is very lightweight and are easy to work with.

Samsonite makes many types of suitcases. Their “Samsonite Pro” suitcases have a large expandable 25 inch spinner handle. This gives you plenty of room to carry your gear and more! The expandable also comes with separate pockets for your laptop computer, sunglasses, change of clothes, cell phone and other personal belongings. The three-piece hard-shell suitcases are another type of lightweight luggage set that comes in handy for anyone who is travelling on a budget.

These suitcases have a variety of compartments that are divided by a series of zippers. The spacious main compartment can hold all of your belongings securely and safely, while the smaller zippered pockets provide room for hanging clothing and shoes. There is also a built in multi-purpose pocket which has an extending strap for stowing keys, valuables or other items that might not be used at once. The largest compartment of these suitcases is the combination locking compartment. This compartment can accommodate personal items and larger items such as your pet in a safe manner.

One of the most popular suitcases on the market is the Travelpro Maxlite 4. This suitcase is very lightweight because it uses compression molded EVA foam in its construction. This helps to reduce stress on the back, sides and shoulders while traveling. It has fully adjustable straps and a wheeled base that make it very easy to carry.

These suitcases are also made with quality leather in many cases, but they are available in a variety of colors. Some of these suitscases even come with hard case locks and keyed closure. When traveling in an airport, there is nothing worse than being locked out of a hard case, especially if you are inspecting bags or luggage. These suitcases are ideal for people who like to travel prepared and with wheels.

Both of these luggage options have helped to make Samsonite and Travelpro one of the most popular manufacturers of travel accessories. Their quality and value have been long known and appreciated by travelers around the world. Whether you are looking for a traditional style suitcase or a modern day model, these two companies have you covered.

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