Journeys With Your Spouse To Promote Balance and Connection


If you and your spouse have an opportunity to travel somewhere new, what are your priorities for the trip? Are you looking for a vacation to try new exciting things and see new interesting places? Or maybe, are you trying to promote balance in connection if there has been any marital discord?

There are a few outside stipulations when it comes to choosing a destination. What if you are traveling with your spouse, and he or she is in addiction recovery? Do you find a connection in holy places? Is there a way to plan to go somewhere stress-free that both of you can agree on? And, are you willing to move out of your comfort zone to get a deeper sense of connection with your partner?

Traveling With a Person In Recovery

When you live with a spouse in recovery, the idea of the trip may be that different. You may not want to go somewhere with lots of alcohol or access to drugs. You may not want to go somewhere that you used to go with them during the period before they were in recovery. It’s important to have a conversation regarding the long-term consequences of addiction recovery before choosing a destination.

Heading To Spiritual Places

If you and your spouse have similar religious interests, you may want to journey to a holy place. There are expansive locations where lots of pilgrims meet, and then there are smaller areas that you may consider to be much more intimate and private. Going to these type of religious places may be exactly the kind of connection that you and your spouse are looking for to find common ground on an energetic level.

Going To Stress-Free Locations

Do you know where the least stressful places in the world are? If you’ve never done any research about that before, then now may be the time to begin looking. Because balance in connection often occur where other stressors and anxieties are absent, merely choosing a mellow location as a final destination may be an easy way to obtain the result of a trip that you want.

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Ultimately, you and your spouse are going to have different comfort zones. If you want to be the one promotes balance in connection, maybe you should consider trying to move out of your idea comfort, and moving into where your spouse feels most at ease. Energy output on your part will obviously be more effort on your part, but in return, you will get to see the person you love feel their best. Over time, you could compromise one direction or the other, but giving the gift of familiarity to your partner is something that he or she can appreciate forever.

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