How to be greener over the Christmas holidays


It’s that time of year again and it can not only get very hectic amongst all the fun, but it can also be easy to be very wasteful over the festive period.

This doesn’t have to be the case, so we’ve looked at some ways you can be greener over the Christmas holidays.

  • Buy a real Christmas tree and get a potted one

One thing you can do is purchase a real Christmas tree, and even better, a potted one! Synthetic ones need to be used for a very long time before they make up for the impact of being made, so if you have one you should ensure you keep it in good condition and keep it for 10+ years.

In comparison a potted real tree smells great, is eco-friendly, and can also be reused.

  • Make your own decorations

Making your own decorations can be great fun, particularly if you get the whole family involved.

Edible decorations are a great start, you can create wonderful smelling gingerbread ornaments, candy canes, and popcorn garlands to decorate the house and tree with.  

Otherwise, you can make decorations out of just about anything if you get creative enough. Try using old fabrics to make snowflakes, or coloured paper to make paper chains. The possibilities really are endless.

  • Reuse gift bags

Gift bags are another opportunity for being eco-friendly, as they can either be regifted, reused as wrapping paper, or cut up and made up into gift tags.

Otherwise, get creative with your wrapping and use materials such as magazines, newspapers, scrap paper, or cloth.

  • Buy thoughtful and buy local

Buying with thoughtfulness and planning what you are going to buy can make Christmas shopping more enjoyable, and more cost-effective. Find here Lofty Property Management. Have time to think about what your family and friends really need and put your time in to finding a present that is thoughtful.

By challenging yourself to shop locally you can save money, save time, reduce your impact on the environment and support your local economy.

If you are a retailer and want to have more of an impact on local shoppers, try giving your customers paper bags or eco bags made from jute/cotton. This way, they can reuse their bags throughout the year regardless of which one you decide to opt for. You can create custom printed bags which have a beautiful and eye-catching design on which will encourage customers to reuse or re-gift the bags.

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