Heaven on Earth; The Top Resorts in the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is truly blessed by the heavens. In a sense, it has the most pristine climate consisting of all-year round, warm weather. Moreover, it has some of the friendliest locals around; residing in areas consisting of lavish beaches that attract millions of foreigners from all over the world. As a result, real-estate investors have built villas, resorts, and hotels that are truly fit for the gods. One would have a hard time parting with such elegance and lush beauty!

That being said, here are some of the best all-inclusive resorts found in the Dominican Republic.

Zoetry Agua Punta Cana

The Zoetry Agua is a luxury haven consisting of 96 rooms. They were built specifically for couples looking to discover their romantic getaway from the hassle and bustle of city life. The resort is known to have some of the most uncrowded beaches, with sleek suites having elegant designs. It also plays host to some of the Dominican Republic’s top spas.

One can also find a variety of amenities available in the resort such as laundry services, horseback riding, yoga classes, and top of the range bar and restaurant availabilities. However, because of its all-inclusive nature, such amenities as liquor are placed in serene locations away from children, to make the resort more family friendly.

There is even a ‘no kids’ club that ensures visitors can ideally express themselves. Such subtle attention to detail is what makes this place the ideal romantic getaway.

Paradisus Palma Real Golf & Spa

Of the four Paradisus resorts built in Punta Cana, the Palma Real certainly stands out. The 554-room palatial like resort has quite the romantic setup; akin to the aura of most resorts in the Caribbean Islands.

Upon entry, one is greeted by a breath-taking lobby that leads into a massive courtyard, then a pool, and finally the beach area.

When it comes to food and beverage, guests are treated to exotic treats. From a la carte restaurants to international buffets, honeymooners can have their taste of exquisite cuisine like never before!

In terms of luxury, the suites are both impressive on paper and in person. With classic mahogany furniture being the highlight of the show, guests are also treated to glistening marble floors, minibars, free Wi-Fi, and a beautiful spa for relaxing and unwinding.

Regardless of where you visit, doing your research into Dominican Republic All Inclusive Vacations can ensure you have the trip of a lifetime on your next exotic vacation.

Sanctuary Cap Cana (Playa Hotels and Resorts)

This luxury resort consists of 176 rooms with quite the romantic touch expressed in each and every corner of space available. For starters, the resort is built in tandem to the elegant designs of a Spanish castle town. Certainly, the attention to detail cannot be downplayed. It is even perched up on a cliff in proximity to the ocean. The Punta Cana is quite popular thanks to its beautifully designed spas, pools, and exotic restaurants.

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