Greatest Ultralight Tips for Newbies

people with backpack doing trekking in wood

If you are into hiking, you probably heard of ultralight hiking. This is a relatively new approach that has become increasingly popular in last 20 years.

So, what’s the deal? Basically, you remove a lot of stuff from your backpack in order to reduce tension on your back, shoulders and hips while making it easier to walk.

Main issue with ultralight hiking is that some people see it as an unsafe. However, if you are an experienced hiker and especially if you know the trail you are hiking on, this won’t be much of a concern. In fact, if you have the necessary knowledge, ultralight hiking can be much safer than regular one as you don’t have this enormous weight pulling your down.

Here is a list of amazing tricks that can help newbies go ultralight!

  • Sleeping kit

Sleeping bag, sleeping pad and tent are the big three camping items. They take majority of space within your backpack. As such, they require special attention. Your sleeping kit will depend on length of the hike. If you are going for a shorter stroll lasting for a couple of days, you can solely rely on sleeping bag while finding cover from rain and snow within shelters. If you wish to thru-hike a longer trail, you will also have to carry a pad and a tent. When it comes to a tent, you can sew your own. Manufactured tents are usually much bigger and bulkier. By making your own, you can lose a lot of weight.

  • Backpack

Similarly to tent, backpack is something you can sew yourself. Backpack companies usually don’t sell smaller camping backpacks that are suitable for ultralight hikers. Instead, they sell bigger ones so they can put a higher price tag on them. In this case, you will have to be self-reliant. By sewing your own backpack, you can make it lighter (while providing same water protection) and smaller.

  • Cooking kit and dishes

Food will be a great concern while you are on a trail. A lot of hikers prefer cooking their own meals as they go. For this, you require a burner and a pot. This is a lot of stuff to be carrying. Best way to go about things if by using one and the same fireproof vessel for everything. Make sure to bring something that can be used both for cooking, eating and drinking. Mug is a good choice. However, it is even better if you carry dry food. It doesn’t require prior preparation and you can eat it on the spot without any additional dishes.

  • Water

Water is the next big thing on our list. During longer hikes, you will constantly feel dehydrated. This is a normal feeling as your body constantly loses a lot of water. Nevertheless, you still need to be conservative when it comes to carrying water as this resource can take a lot of space in your backpack. You can handle the issue by drinking periodically; whenever you are near a water source make sure to drink excess water. During hiking, you should carry only a small bottle and you should be patient until the next water source where you can again drink as much as you like.

  • Clothing

A lot of people go overboard with their clothes. No matter what, you will stink when you finish the hike so don’t be too concerned with your clothing. During the summer period, one set of clothes will be more than enough. The only spare item which you should carry are the socks as your feet have to be dry at all times. Also, your clothes should be made from an impregnable synthetic material. It is much lighter and easier to carry.

Now, you are ready to go ultralight. Just to be on the safe side, your first ultralight hiking adventure should be a shorter one. Make sure that this approach suits you and that you feel comfortable while hiking. In the end, the main reason why we hike is so we can enjoy our spare time.

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