Flyin’ Solo: Top Travel Destinations For Singles


Traveling solo is much like dining alone; it gets a bad rap.  More often than not, the truth is that you probably dream of traveling the world all on your own.  Climbing the highest mountain to stand atop the peak and scream into the endless horizon that you’ve conquered your challenge is a feeling incomparable to any other.  

When you travel alone, you don’t have to wait and search for everyone’s luggage.  There’s no stopping for extra restroom breaks, and every day is a new possibility.  Here are a few great solo destinations, where the locals will embrace you, and the land is your playground.

Glacier National Park, Montana

The rugged lover of the outdoors is recommended the Glacier National Park in Montana.  For a real holistic, natural experience, lay yourself smack in the middle of the 745 miles of hiking trails, and see if you can make it out unscathed.  

The park is an adventurous journey, and you’ll need to make sure you’re properly prepared to go it alone.  Brush up on your survival knowledge, and take a step into the unknown of the Montana mountains.

Viva Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s nothing more exciting than roaming the streets of Vegas without a care in the world.  Going to Vegas single is way better than going with a partner or a group. Take caution with your revelry, though, and make sure you keep it legal (somewhat).  

The rules in Vegas are a little more lax than everywhere else in the U.S., but you can’t get away with murder.  Go seeking adventure, and try not to lose all of your money. Read up on playing slots and other games of interest, so you won’t go broke in an hour.  

Morocco, North Africa

Morocco is such a beautiful place, that its beauty alone can awaken a spiritual side of your journey.  There’s no where in Morocco that you won’t want to photograph, so make sure you bring your most high-tech camera.  

The locals in Morocco are more than happy to show you around their beautiful landscape, as they are very familiar with traveling photographers in the area.  They’ll ask you if you want a better shot, and charge your $5 to see the sights from their balcony. Spend the money, and gain the experience of chatting with a local.

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Whitehorse is a small and isolated place in Northwest Canada, where you can encounter two moose for every person you see.  The locals are extremely sociable, as there isn’t much else for them to do around the region.  

A solo trip to Whitehorse would be to enjoy the wonders of a beautiful outdoor playground.  You can bike, hike, ski, kayak, and even dogsled in the wintertime. The locals will be more than happy to show you around, and keep you safe with their untamed skills.  

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