Finding Inspiration for Home Improvement On the Road


If you’re already out and about on some sort of vacation or journey, why not look for inspiration for your own personal home improvement projects? This can be entertaining for you and your whole family, and it will also open you up to appreciating more of what you see while you’re on the road.

A few different categories of inspiration that you might find include the texture and colors that you see, how people have set up landscaping, what kind of outdoor lighting catches your eye, and the basic style of windows and doors that different types of buildings have attached to them.

Texture and Color

One of the most dramatic changes that you can make to your own home is to change the color and texture of the outside. This will typically mean a coat of paint, or perhaps changing the type of siding that you put on your house. While you’re out traveling, look at the styles that seem to pop out at you the most. In different areas of the world, there are different typical themes that often come out, but there are also individualistic housing experiments that people or companies are willing to try in order to really have their structure stand out. It’s important to not necessarily be realistic about this while you’re observing –  simply have fun with the idea of changing your home to look like some of the things that you see while you’re on vacation.


It can be difficult to come up with landscaping ideas on your own. That’s why, while you’re out on the road traveling, look at how other people have their lawns and gardens set up. You may see something that strikes you as being particularly interesting, and that’s when you want to at least take a few mental notes ( or even take a picture!) so that you’ll remember what kind of potential home-improvement concept might be on your improvement bucket list.

Outdoor Lighting

When the sun goes down, does your house still look amazing? If you don’t have the right outdoor lighting, then all of the drama that you see during the day with respect to colors and shapes will disappear into the night. When you’re on your next vacation, look at how different places have outdoor lighting set up. This might include the hotel that you’re staying at, or some building that you pass when you’re out exploring different kinds nightlife.

Windows and Doors

The windows and doors of your home have several purposes for being. Obviously they are to allow people and weather to come in and out. But, they are also major design elements. So, as you’re out traveling, look at how other people have their windows and doors set up, and see if there are interesting designs that catch your eye. Even if it’s the color of a door, or perhaps style of window frame, these types of observations can really help you out with your own home improvement projects.

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