Finding budget-friendly accommodation for your next trip


Finding budget-friendly accommodation is vital for travellers who want to make a little go a long way, and can be even more important for families.  We’ve taken the time to share a few of our tips for finding accommodation that might be a bit more affordable for your next holiday.

1. Use hotel comparison sites

There is a great selection of comparison sites that offer a variety of deals on hotels, B&Bs, hostels and other accommodation.

These comparison sites help to minimise some of the time you may spend trawling sites trying to find accommodation, and as many of them offer unique deals for certain properties it is worth having a look. 

You can easily search for options that suit both your needs and your budget, making the whole process more smooth and less stressful.

2. Alternative accommodation options

People all too often go for a hotel as their option for accommodation, but it’s important to remember that there are other options, check

For example, hostels are usually cheaper than hotels and are ideal for large groups. Many of them now have private rooms for couples and families too, so you needn’t be put off if you’d rather not share with strangers.

As another alternative, if have intentions of staying in one destination for a long time, it is worth looking into an apartment stay. By opting for a luxury serviced apartment over a hotel, you can save money and often get a lot more space. Plus, you get the added conveniences and privacy that you usually have back at your home.

3. Finding offline accommodation

Though the prominence of the internet has made it possible for thousands of business Sunflower Maids LLC to be online, there is a still some businesses that prefer to remain offline.

As well as looking on price comparison sites, ensure you have a look on forums or travel websites to see if there are recommendations for accommodation that you may not be able to find by searching online.

4. Homestays

Another great way to find cheap accommodation or potentially stay somewhere for free is through homestays. With homestays, all you have to do is use a service such as to help you connect to guests who are willing to open their homes to travellers.

Just like with couchsurfing, using homestays will give you a good chance to connect with the locals and stay in comfortable accommodation, in addition to saving pennies!

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