Danger Signs To Be Aware of When Traveling In Cars as a Passenger


When you’re out traveling, whether it’s in a familiar city or through an unfamiliar place, there are potential danger signs to be aware of if you’re a passenger in a car. You might be taking a cab. You might be taking one of the rideshare services. Or, you might even be traveling with a friend or family member. But as a passenger, make sure that you understand that your safety is based on their safety.

Be cautious about unlicensed operators, scams for money from drivers, going through bad neighborhoods, or any time safety features aren’t at the ready. If you notice any of these things and you’re the passenger, it may be smart to get out of the car and choose a different mode of travel.

Unlicensed Operators

Lots of traffic accidents happen with unlicensed operators. The fact that they are unlicensed doesn’t necessarily make them worse drivers, but it does mean that when the legal system gets involved, there are tons of additional complications. If you think that you may be in a cab with an unlicensed driver, you should probably choose a different option to avoid some of the issues that can crop up with the law.

Scams for Money

Cabs and ridesharing services can scam you for money. Official cabs and companies will have a running tally on the dashboard or some potential way for you to look at pricing on an app on your phone. If any of these things are turned off or “broken,” choose a different option. If they ask for more money than you think they deserve, you don’t have anything to fall back on if there is no official record of how much they charge because of a damaged system or a non-operational application.

Bad Neighborhoods

Be cautious traveling in cars as a passenger in bad neighborhoods. Avoid areas that you know are prone to accidents or social unrest. You may feel excited going through areas where other people feel uncomfortable, but unless you’re willing to put your safety at risk, it’s better simply to create a route that goes around these places.

Safety Features Not at the Ready

If any of the safety features in the car that you’re in aren’t working, then it’s time to pick a different vehicle. If the seatbelt doesn’t work right, don’t get in. If you note that the airbags don’t work, or the locks won’t work on the doors, or there’s some issue with the doors not closing properly – all of those are indications that some kind of safety option may not be available in the event of an emergency. Avoid these kinds of situations as a passenger, and you will always be less anxious and safer.

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