Best Countries to Visit This Spring

The snow is finally melting, you’re packing that winter parka back in your closet and wondering where to go for your spring getaway. Well, website TripMyDream has done the hard work for you and created the perfect list of top places to explore this Spring.

  1. Costa Rica

Visit the country’s gorgeous beaches, without the groups of partying college students. Enjoy Costa Rica’s ‘green season’ which runs from May until November. This is the perfect time to explore the tropical forests filled with exotic wildlife.

  1. Japan

Spring in Japan is arguably the most beautiful time of the year. Cherry blossom season starts in late March and the country becomes one of the most romantic places on Earth. Take your sweetheart to the national parks covered in pale lavender and rose coloured blossoms. Head down to Mount Fiji and admire the nearby waterfalls, deep lakes, and hot springs.

  1. France

The land of exquisite food, fancy wine, and a seemingly intoxicating magical spell. Many travellers have found themselves booking their return visit before finishing their holiday. Escape to the coastline filled with cozy cafes along sandy beaches, ancient cathedrals, and endless vineyards.

  1. The Netherlands

Spring time in Holland is a somewhat astonishing experience. This is the time when millions of vibrant tulips are in full bloom. See for yourself those iconic Dutch paintings of the endless countryside come to life right before your eyes. Take a bicycle tour along the Flower Bulb Route in North Holland in May to see the tulip fields during peak season.

  1. Greece

The ever-popular Santorini is simply stunning in spring. The area is best known for the breathtaking cliff side views and whitewashed buildings. During off-peak season the much beloved destination among celebs has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. While you’re at it, book a ferry and organise a rental via so that you can explore every corner of the largest of the Greek islands with total freedom, if you wish to add a bit of diversity to the Santorini views.

  1. Morocco

Avoid the desert summer heat and visit Morocco during April and May. Casablanca is full of charm and colonial architecture. Spring is the perfect time to explore the city’s rich nature and blend of Mediterranean cuisine.

7. Colombia

Visit the old town of Cartagena which is famous for its clear water and coral reefs. This destination is great all-year round for scuba divers. Get inspired at one of the oldest Spanish-language film festivals. The Cartagena International Film Festival kicks off on 13 March.

  1. Spain

Head down to Seville after Easter, the city comes alive in a massive party bonanza with a week of dancing, drinking, singing, and bullfights.

  1. Switzerland

Many wise travellers believe springtime is the best time of the year for…skiing! The cozy town of Zermatt has three different skiing landscapes including off-piste options and family friendly slopes. While the restaurants below have some of the best risotto for miles.


The place to go is Munich. This historic city has some of the most famous pretzels and ice cream flavours. The local ice cream manufacturers pride themselves for creating some of the most unique flavours including -salted peanut butter and avocado!

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