Why you should choose Serviced Apartments for your Valentines trip to Bristol


Bristol is a beautiful city. There are a wide range of things to do in the day, whatever your interests, and there is always something going on in the evenings at night time. Whether you’ll be spending your time in the afterhour’s event in the Bristol Aquarium, joining in with We The Curious’ special event, going tandem riding or enjoying the landmarks and historical culture of the City – you’ll no doubt need somewhere to crash after.

Why is accommodation important?

Getting the accommodation for your trip away is important. It sets the stage for everything that you will do and acts a relaxing place for you and your partner to unwind. For this reason it’s imperative that you get it right.

Many people opt for hotels and b&b’s because they are a cheap option, but they often end up having a less than ideal stay and end up wondering how their trip could have been better if they’d chosen something that was a bit more ‘tailor-made’.

Why choose serviced apartments?

Services apartments are the perfect choice for many reasons. The first being the high end and luxury feel that comes alongside them. Apartments such as the Beech House apartments in Clifton, were designed with a modern Victorian décor. This way you’ll feel like you are relaxing in the most luxury, as well as enjoying the fantastic location to which they’re located.

As well as their elegant design, serviced apartments also come fully kitted out with a kitchen and home entertainment system. This means that you can keep your food and drink costs down low. If you have a favourite romantic dish that you and your partner love, you can cook it and dine in whilst enjoying the top end entertainment system.

As well as all of the forementioned benefits Beech House are offering 15% off for all stays before March 1st 2019, so get in quick!

Take a look at the room availability to book in for your perfect stay this Valentine’s day. It’ll be a trip you won’t forget.

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