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Why should you consult professional companies for your visa processing?

Traveling to another country has a lot of prereqs. You need to plan everything thoroughly, and the most crucial element of that is a visa. …


Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While Traveling

When you leave your house for an extended period of time to travel, you run the risk of an intrusion. According to the United States …

Travel Destinations

Travel in any Rainy Country: What to Pack

Keeping dry during a rainy season can be tricky. Besides, it can be incredibly annoying if you had planned to have a good day and …

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Hotels & Accommodations

Calculating the True Cost of My Holiday

If you elect not to book your holiday through a travel agent, and instead book it yourself, it is possible to save money by booking …

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography | Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is an art in primarily focused on photography of all events and activities related to weddings, as well as other special occasions. It …

Night Photography

Things You Should Know About Night Photography

Night photography refers to the act of taking pictures in a dark setting, at nighttime, over the horizon. It is the photographer’s task to capture …

Rule of Third

Basic Elements of Photography | Rule of Third

The Rule of thirds is a common, yet important and simple guideline to assist photographers in creating their image, and deciding where to put their …

Buffalo Airways

Amazing Day With Buffalo Airways

After a concert at the Edmonton Alberta Convention Centre the evening before, Bruce decided to take a Buffalo Airways DC-3 with business pilot Mike McBurnet …

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