Caravanning Tips For Traveling Around Australia


Those of you who are passionate about traveling understand the experiences to be gained by caravanning your way through the land down under.  Australia offers the chance of a lifetime.  You will spot wildlife on your trip that cannot be seen anywhere else on Earth, and experience the culture of the Aboriginal residents of the continent.  

There are gorgeous beaches, booming cities, and desolate outback areas to explore.  Get your bags packed.  But before you go, check out these helpful tips for caravanning around Australia, and make the best of your adventures this year.

Make sure you have the perfect vehicle

Acquiring the most fitting vehicle in which to travel on this adventure is probably the most important aspect of a successful trip.  The vehicle you choose for your caravanning is where the travel party will spend most of their time.  

It is important that the space is big enough and accommodating enough to suffice the needs of everyone who is traveling along on the journey.  There are companies that will rent out a durable RV for your journey, but most people prefer to own their own vehicle.  Renting a vehicle comes along with a long list of rules and responsibilities. 

Research the route you wish to travel

After you have the perfect vehicle to carry you along your journey, it is time to begin planning your route.  Australia is very vast land, and you cannot see it all at once.  A few of the most common routes include:

  • Cairns to Brisbane
  • Adelaide to Darwin
  • Darwin to Perth
  • Melbourne to Sydney

Whatever route you decide upon, it is important to also plan out where to stop for some much needed rest and relaxation.  You will not have to worry about hotels, but a great caravanning and camping park area is priceless on the road.  

Save money whenever possible

It is helpful to be extremely thrifty along the way when you are planning a long caravanning trip.  You will spend far too much loading up on snacks and junk food at gas stations if you do not take the time to go grocery shopping.  

Stock up on food and other goods at the grocery store, and you will save bunches of money along the way.  You may also want to get a bit crafty with your parking options to save a few bucks on campsite fees.  

Plan your trip according to the weather

The weather in Australia can get a little extreme, so it is best to plan your trip accordingly.  You do not want to get stuck in the middle of a monsoon, or some of the extreme heat the areas produces.  There are plenty of online resources to help you with this part of your planning.  

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