How to Make the Most Out of Your Cape Town Trip


Cape Town is the capital of South Africa. It is a coastal town with a rich and diverse history. There is a blend of different ethnicities, religions, and cultures that coexist in a hard-earned harmony. There are many facets to the region, and you can enjoy the city as you like. Here are three tips that could help you enjoy and explore Cape Town on your own:

Determine what aspect of Cape Town you want to explore 

Besides Cape Town’s rich history that can be found in their museums and galleries, the city has a big outdoor scene with hiking trails and diving spots. A person interested in art might appreciate the more urban aspect of the town. While a thrill seeker might look at the other extreme sports Cape Town has to offer. Select one side that you are more inclined to and do your research.

Determining the parts you want to explore not only helps you create your itinerary, but it also helps you set your budget more realistically. If you choose to participate in activities and events that are pricey, you can adjust other parts of your trip to even it out. Read about other things you can do in your Cape Town travel guide.

Have two to three activity options you wouldn’t do—and do them 

Now the first tip is meant for your everyday schedule. However, just focusing on your interests means you miss out on the other side. An excellent way to balance it out is to select critical activities that you wouldn’t do for yourself but would attend if a friend asked. If your interest is mostly in history, maybe climb Table Mountain. If you are there for the wildlife, why not make it a point to visit the botanical garden. By doing this you can enjoy the city more, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by your discoveries.

Explore the cuisine 

Consider the mixture of people who live in the Cape, the food of the city is as rich and diverse as the people there. Make it a point to try it all. For seafood, you can visit the V&A waterfront and taste the high-quality catch that is exported to other countries. Lamb is also a favourite staple; try it in water blommetjie bredie, a lamb stew. There are sausages and barbeque for those who want local food but are not very adventurous.

The region also produces a lot of fruit and wine is popular as well. Many places in the city have wine tasting events. You can eat and drink around Long Street, De Waterkant or Bree Street for a more trendy and contemporary offerings

Cape Town has extremely high-end haunts where you can fully enjoy your South African vacation. With safaris and aquariums, you can take your friends and family on outings that can cater to everyone. Do your research beforehand and try everything. At the same time, do not forget that Cape Town is the largest city in South Africa, so be careful about the petty crime that comes with a city of its size.



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