Calculating the True Cost of My Holiday

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If you elect not to book your holiday through a travel agent, and instead book it yourself, it is possible to save money by booking each component of the holiday separately. Not only can you save money you will also have the freedom to change aspects of your holiday to suit your needs, and to substitute aspects of it for greater luxury. An example of this might be to book yourself on a private jet as opposed to on a commercial airliner. To help you calculate the cost of these separate components of your holiday you will find various calculators online that can assist you. For instance, the private jet charter cost estimator tool, in addition to calculators relating to road mileage and the amount of fuel you might use travelling between destinations.

With accommodation, you need to be particularly careful that you have arranged the right period of stay with a hotel, as there may be no room at the inn, so to speak. This may not be that easy to sort out if other hotels in the area are full as well.

So, we shall investigate the kinds of costs that make up a holiday.

Travel Costs

In booking your flight separately from the rest of your holiday, you will then have the option of booking different kinds of flights. If you elect for private jet, and why would you overlook this kind of luxury, then you can expect extra privacy, added comfort, to save time, and to not have any luggage problems. By using an “estimator tool” you can quickly and easily compare the cost of private jets with the prices on offer from the commercial airlines. This will allow you to budget the cost into your travel plans before finalising them. Some charter companies will also email you a photograph of the types of aircraft that you can choose between. Your choice will, of course, depend on how many family members, or friends, are sharing your holiday with you. As far as road routes go, there are various calculators, such as ones from motoring organisations, to work out directions, journey times, and estimate fuel costs for you.

Accommodation Costs

Typically, staying in a hotel will cost more than camping in a tent. This is purely because of the amenities on offer. Hotels will, for instance, offer warm showers, comfortable bedrooms, luxurious en suite bathrooms, and make your breakfast for you. In addition, you can almost be guaranteed a wifi signal, if you are staying for a period of time that means you will need to contact work.


Depending on the type of holiday and the climate, you might need to consider extra clothing. If it is mountainous, walking boots. If it is sunny, sun cream. But what if it is a skiing holiday in a cold country? Well, for skiing, you do not need to purchase a sunscreen with a level of water resistance as high as that for a seaside holiday but you are still going to need protection from the frost and wind. You can buy ski sun cream. Rather than sunglasses, goggles will be required to protect your eyes from injury and the elements. Skiing exposes the eyes to prolonged bright sunlight and hard winds. The difference between sunglasses and goggles is that goggles will seal your eyes from cold air. In addition, many will have lenses fitted that block UV light. So, you cannot just get away with sunglasses, proving the point that your holiday activities will need to be thought about in advance. I have used skiing as an example, but if you are interested in it, there is an article that you can read about the sport.

Wherever it is that you plan to go, there is much to think of, but also much to enjoy. Cost and luxury do not have to mean the same thing. Chartering a private jet has become affordable to more and more people, and by booking the holiday ourselves, we can save on the cost.

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