Are timeshare cancellation companies scams

Timeshare cancellation companies target older timeshare owners with hollow promises

These timeshare cancellation companies advertise on main outlets with claims to cancel your timeshare contract. These companies claim they can get you out of your contract, but in most cases, they’re just scams. These companies often use high-pressure sales tactics to convince people to part with their timeshares.

Some of these companies have already been sued by state attorney generals. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against Timeshare Exit Team, and Missouri State Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed a lawsuit against Martin Management, which is owned by Steve Martin. In addition, the Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed a lawsuit under the state’s consumer protection law against Real Travel, LLC. The Better Business Bureau has also issued warnings about timeshare cancellation companies.

They take high upfront payments

Many timeshare cancellation companies advertise that they can help you get out of your contract. However, you should be wary of any company that takes high upfront payments. They may offer a money-back guarantee, but that guarantee is not worth much if the company does not deliver on its promises.

It is possible to find timeshare cancellation services that do not charge upfront fees, but it requires some research. Do a thorough search and find the company that has the best reputation for success. Make sure to pick a reputable, highly rated timeshare exit company with a proven track record.

They violate customer contracts

Consumers who want to cancel their timeshares should be aware that they have certain rights under timeshare contracts. Unscrupulous salespeople may refuse to give consumers the time they need to examine the contract and decide whether they want to stay. This tactic can result in consumers being forced to make a snap decision. The NCC report should help these consumers recover some of the money they paid for their timeshares.

Timeshare cancellation companies should be held accountable for violating the terms of their customer contracts. They may violate the contract by misrepresenting the contract or by misleading the buyer regarding the success rate of the sale. They may also breach consumer protection laws by failing to honor cancellation requests made by consumers within seven days after signing the contract.

They violate cooling-off period

The cooling-off period is a legal right granted to timeshare buyers to cancel their contracts. A buyer can exercise this right within seven days of signing a timeshare contract. A written notification should be sent to the timeshare seller requesting a refund within that timeframe. If the seller refuses to honor your request, you may be responsible for the costs of the cancellation. Check are timeshare cancellation companies scams.

The cooling-off period is often extremely short, with many timeshare contracts only lasting a few days. Unfortunately, this means that many consumers interact with timeshare salespeople while they are away on vacation. As a result, they do not have the chance to thoroughly review the contract. Because of this, consumers often make a snap decision.

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