Why Americans with Passports Act So Official


It really doesn’t cost that much to get one, so why in the name of all that is good do those of us Americans who have our passports act so “official?” There’s a lot to it actually and at the risk of sounding like just another one of those official-acting Americans because my passport has started collecting some stamps, I’m going to explore the conception that Americans that don’t travel are quite ignorant about the “rest of the world.”

I hope there aren’t any of us who still think Africa is a country or anything along those lines…

So anyway, Americans who possess passports they’ve actually used to travel far and wide come back with such a wealth of experience of the world that you start to notice just how shielded we’ve been from what the world has to offer. I can tell you now – exploring the Czech Republic capital of Prague by night makes for a totally unique experience of the nightlife from what we’re used to in the likes of New York, for example and it’s worth the experience if only so that you can say you’ve been there.

If you find yourself asking the question “Where on earth is the Czech Republic” then you’re the one who needs to take a closer look at your view of how Americans with passports act so official. They’re not being “official,” but are rather just experiencing their own world through different eyes.

Sometimes while abroad we play along with the geo-ignorant American stereotype, but I assure you, without getting too political, the “greatness” which we’re made to associate our homeland with is very subjective. How can you possibly know what it is you’re working with if you have nothing else to compare it with? At least go out there and see for yourself…

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