When I first struck upon the idea of monetising The Heartland USA and making a living from my travels, stories and photographs I discovered that I needed to learn a lot more about the online world beyond merely making a blog and posting things to it. I needed to work on building a bigger audience.

I started using social media more often and building a little bit of a fan base, but the main tool in my arsenal was search engine optimisation (SEO). Using the techniques that I learned I was able to figure out how to make sure my site and the posts I placed on it could reach the largest audience.

Today, The Heartland USA attracts 17,000 unique visitors every single month, and that’s not including all of the people who come back to the site to read more. It struck me that this was an audience who were not only interested in what I and my contributors have to say about travel, photography and life. They are also people who are likely to be interested in the same products that I use and the businesses that sell them.

That’s when I started looking into advertising. My early adventures with Google AdSense proved to be a success and my audience appeared to appreciate the adverts that were placed on the site, so I took things a little further and started opening up advertising space to specific partners who I felt could offer something to our visitors that other companies wouldn’t be able to.

With all that being said, you may now be wondering how you go about becoming one of these partners and, perhaps more importantly, what’s really in it for you?

The Audience

The audience that The Heartland USA attracts is enormous for a site of this type. 17,000 unique monthly visitors a month is nothing to be sniffed at and all of these people have arrived at the site because they are interested in travel, photography and everything that revolves around it.

This presents a perfect advertising opportunity for businesses that offer products and services in these areas. My audience is loyal and relevant to companies that meet the travel and photography niches. Best of all, they want to hear more about different products that can help them make their own adventures more enjoyable. That’s why The Heartland USA will soon be playing host to a shop, but it is also a great reason for you to consider advertising with us.

To put it simply, The Heartland USA can drive relevant traffic to your website, meaning more people who visit you are likely to purchase your products and services.

I Help You

I started from scratch when it came to making a living from my website, as I truly hadn’t considered the possibility when setting it up. Once I understood the potential though, I threw myself into learning as much as I could about SEO and online advertising, which is why The Heartland USA has been able to build such a dedicated and loyal audience.

So what does this mean for you as an advertiser and potential partner? Well, I now know enough to be able to help you create advertising campaigns that truly appeal to an audience. You won’t need to throw different ideas at the wall to see what sticks when you advertise with The Heartland USA, because I already know what my site’s audience wants and I can help you to ensure you deliver it to them.

Whether it’s working out ad copy or considering the best places on the site to place your ads, I’m able to apply the expertise that I have developed since I started this site to my partners, meaning your ad campaigns become more efficient and cost-effective.

It’s Flexible

Maybe your business doesn’t need to appeal to all 17,000 unique monthly visitors to The Heartland USA? Perhaps you just want to show your ads to people from specific states or countries?

That’s okay, because I can help with that too. By making use of the online marketing skills I have developed while running this website I can help you create targeted advertising campaigns that ensure your adverts get in front of the people who are most likely to make use of your services.

I can also handle all of the backend work that goes into the running of your campaign. This means you get to save time and valuable resources that can be spent operating your business and providing your services, while I make sure the adverts that you place on The Heartland USA start sending visitors to you.

Each of my partners enjoys a tailored campaign that has been customised to suit their goals and I won’t push you to spend more that you are comfortable with on your adverts. My only goal is to make sure your ads deliver in the ways that you need them to.

Intrigued? Want to find out more about how advertising at The Heartland USA will help your business get in front of a huge audience of 17,000 unique visitors a month, in addition to all of the loyal repeat visitors that we have?

If so, please don’t hesitate to use one of the contact forms to get in touch. I will respond as quickly as possible and we can work together to create an advertising partnership that will allow your business to enjoy massive benefits.