Adventure Travel Junkies are Typically More Cautious than You Think


There’s a certain caliber of traveler which is associated with the highest level of risk, as far as the general lifestyle elements go, but this risk which is associated with them is probably not justified at all. Of course I’m talking about those adventure travel junkies who you might find posting pictures of them doing all sorts of what appear to be crazy things on social media, like sky-diving, bungee jumping, etc.

Adventure travel junkies of this nature are typically a lot more cautious than the average traveler and a lot more cautious than what many people may think. For these reasons, that’s why it becomes clear at times that some of the wrong people are working in the various sub-sectors of the travel and tourism industry, like travel insurance.

Most travel insurers slap a huge premium on the sort of traveler who appears to be of the thrill-seeking nature, whereas these are the travelers which actually have the lowest risk profile of all travelers. If I was working in the travel insurance division of any financial institution, I would advocate for a change in the risk-assessment criteria which wrongfully have adventure travelers as harboring the highest risk, but then again it’s all about making money, isn’t it?

So there are a couple of reasons why thrill-seeking travelers are a lot more cautious than you think, which are that they are careful planners, and that they are generally healthier and fitter individuals.

Thrill-seekers are careful planners

Thrill-seekers do indeed seek adventure in their travels, but this doesn’t mean they take unnecessary risks. They’re some of the most careful planners, simply because they have to be. They very quickly get into the habit of checking, double-checking and triple-checking everything before they jump of the proverbial cliff, parachute ready for deployment. This permeates every aspect of their lives, beyond the travels.

Thrill-seekers are healthier and fitter

Travel insurance can cover health issues in addition to the likes of theft of possessions and injury, but an adventure traveler is not as likely to get sick on a plane as someone like an elderly traveler or someone who doesn’t quite get that much exercise, for example. Adventure travel junkies are some of the fittest and healthiest travelers you’ll ever find and these are some benefits which they enjoy as part of the preparatory side of their ever-looming adventure travels.

It’s all about risk-planning

It is indeed all about risk-planning, with these thrill-seeking travelers iterating through the various stages of the identified risks and making provision for remedial action if evasive action didn’t quite work out. This risk-planning goes beyond the travels though, with something like the contact details of the best Austin personal injury lawyers making for some information a thrill-seeking traveler typically has on hand, should the need to make use of such information arise. So something like filing for a personal injury payout would be the remedial step of perhaps working locally, having had the evasive step of organizing the appropriate healthcare insurance not quite working out.

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