A Guide To Shipping Your Car


When relocating from one city of the country to another, you may decide to ship your car to the new destination. Your car must be prepared for transportation to ensure safe and speedy arrival. Traveling long distance has some risks that could endanger your safety and that of your car’s. Moving is already a big and stressful process and if you have to drive your car on a long distance on your moving day, that is going to create more stress.  It is worth every dollar to have your car trucked safely from state to state by a reputable car shipping company so that you can focus on getting settled into your new home.

For the best experience possible when shipping a car, follow this simple guide:

1.  Clean your car

A day before your car is due for shipment, wash the exterior of it. When the driver arrives to pick up your vehicle, he’ll do a vehicle condition report with you. This report documents the current condition of the vehicle including any existing damage there may be to your car. If your car is clean, it will be easier for you and the driver to do the condition report.

You should also remove items that are not secured that are inside your car – phone holders, cup holder, GPS device, air freshener, car décor, ibebet pens, etc.  Removing these items will prevent these items from bouncing or moving around, causing damage to the inside of your car. This will also help to prevent risk of theft during transport.

2.  Check for Fluid Leaks

Check for any fluid leaks and have them fixed before the driver picks up your vehicle.  The driver may refuse to accept the car if it’s a bad leak. If you found out that there’s a minor leak that can’t easily be fixed before shipping, inform the driver so that he can place your vehicle on the bottom row of the trailer.

3.  Leave the Gas 1/8 to 1/4 Full

Your car does not need to be on full gas – it only needs enough gas to drive on and off the trailer. The lighter your car is for interstate car transport, the better as it will save quite a bit of weight for the transporter.

4. Disable Alarms

It is important to disable your car alarm as you certainly do not want the alarm to go off and the driver doesn’t know how to shut it off when your car is in the midst of being transported.

5.  Ensure That Your Car Is Insured

Your car is ready to be shipped if it’s already insured, so ensure that it has a valid insurance at the time your vehicle is being transported.

6. Keep A Record

Note down each scratch, dent and the parts that are flawless in the vehicle before the shipment. Taking photos or video of every part of your car, inside out, will be a good method to keep an eye on the damage (if any) after you send over your vehicle to the Car Transport Service company.

7.  Find A Reliable Car Shipping Company

When you ship your car interstate, the process can be quite tedious but you can learn more about the details at the Shiply website to allay your fears and doubts.

On the Shiply website, you will need to fill out a simple form which details the make, model and size of the vehicle as well as the pickup and delivery locations.  Auto transport companies can then send you quotes straight to your Shiply inbox, giving you the ability to easily assess your options and pricing from them for comparison. 

By following these simple tips on how to prepare a car for transport, you’ll have peace of mind during the transportation process.  All the best in your move!

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