7 Tips To Prevent Dry Skin While Traveling This Winter


The cooler temperatures have arrived in full swing, and while we do miss those long, sultry days of summer, we have to admit that there’s a certain ethereal beauty to this icy season. Of course, the snow lends to Winter’s magic, but even if you live in an area with little to no snow, it’s the perfect time of year to snuggle under the blankets and indulge in Winter wonderland movies that will get you in the festive spirit!

Of course, not all of us will be homebound this Winter, and if you’re one of the adventurous souls who’ll be jetting around this frosty season then this article is for you.

Winter air is very dry and can take a huge toll on your skin. When you’re at home, it’s easy to keep your various lotions and potions in one place, but when you’re traveling it may seem a little trickier.

In this article we’ll share just seven tips that will help to keep your skin hydrated and happy on your travels, along with a few of our travel essentials!

Drink up

We know how important it is to drink our 8 glasses of water a day, but in Winter we know it can be a little more difficult, especially when it seems like all those sugary lattes are calling our name!

Hydrating from the inside out, however, is key to keeping the skin cells hydrated and plump, and your skin looking its dewy best.

Spruce up your water by adding some lemon slices, berries or some fresh mint, or instead, sip on warm and comforting herbal teas, because this counts towards your total water intake. Invest in a thermos and you’ll always be able to enjoy a steaming mug of tea!

Show your hands some love

We recommend washing your hands regularly as you travel, to kill bacteria and prevent yourself from catching a cold or flu.

This constant hand washing can sap the moisture from your hands so keep them soothed and hydrated with a natural moisturizer like Rose Mira’s deluxe Sweet Coconut Body Butter, which can keep be used head to toe.

Cleanse on the go

Forget about the harsh and drying conventional cleansing wipes and instead, treat your skin to this silky Coconut Milk Cleanser to envelop your skin in a veil of deep soothing moisture.

Amp up the moisture

This is the time of year when your skin craves moisture that is concentrated in antioxidant rich ingredients and luxurious oils to hydrate parched skin and infuse it with nutrients to visibly brighten, protect and repair.

This Mini Cream by S.W. Basics is handy to add to your traveling tote and it means business when it comes to thirsty skin!

Refresh on the go

Who says toner has to be used before moisturizing only?

Treat your skin to a spritz of antioxidant rich moisture at any time of the day, even over your makeup!

This gorgeous Neroli Toning Mist will add moisture without leaving your skin feeling greasy and its lovely scent will instantly perk up your spirits.

Don’t forget the SPF

Think you can’t burn on a cloudy day? Think again!

Even on those sunny days when the air is crisp and bone-chilling, and the sun seems far too weak to cause any damage, trust us when we say your skin is at risk!

A natural SPF is a must year round, so be sure to not leave the house without one in your bag!

Pucker up

Don’t forget about your lips, because dry, cracked lips is no fun at all!

Badger balm offers an array of all natural, silky smooth lip balms, formulated with decadent oils and they now even have some fun holiday flavours!

There you have it. Follow these tips and stock up on these essentials and you’ll enjoy dewy, hydrated skin all season long!

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