5 Tips for Finding Your Way Around San Diego


Visiting San Diego for business or pleasure can be a lot of fun. The city known as America’s Finest City is home to 1.42 million residents and thousands of tourists come to see the city each year. Whether you are looking for a San Diego rooftop bar, a beautiful white sandy beach or if you are trying to find the best seafood on the west coast, you are in the right place. There are plenty of things to do and see so that you can enjoy your entire trip.

That being said: If you are going to be visiting San Diego for the first time, there are some things that you should know to easily find your way around the city. Let’s get into the five tips for finding your way around San Diego.

1) See San Diego in Segments

There are so many things to see when you get to San Diego. If you try to see all of them in one day, you are going to miss out on the true beauty of each of these amazing places. While there are some commonly known popular spots you are sure to want to hit, look for some off the grid spots to see in those areas to make the day even more memorable.

Some of the common spots people want to see when coming to San Diego are the seals of La Jolla, Little Italy, Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and there are plenty more. Before you visit any of these attractions, make sure you check out the calendar of events. There is usually something going on to make your arrival even more special.

2) Grab a Local Map

You may find some places will give out local maps so you can get around easier on your trip. Having a local map will often allow you to find attractions that you wouldn’t have otherwise have known about. While the biggest attractions have money to advertise, the smaller companies might not be as well-known.

3) Map Sure Your Phone Maps Are Up to Date

If you are going to be using maps on your phone, you need to make sure they are up to date. When you are in big cities, you will find there is a lot of construction that goes on. If you don’t have updated maps, you could find yourself being directed through a road that is no longer in existence.

4) Ask for Tips on Local Forums

Almost every big city has a forum of some sort, so its residents and visitors to come together and share helpful information. Whether the city puts it together or it is a private blog, this is a good place to find information that will help you get around town. Whatever specific interests you have, find someone with similar interests and ask them to share their list of favorite places to frequent in the city.

5) Check out Tourism and Travel Blogs for San Diego

Travel and tourism blogs are extremely popular, and with more and more people starting these blogs, they are great sources of information for tourists. Blogs that focus on a specific area are one of the best places to find events, lesser-known attractions, freebies and more. Having an inside track will help you plan your trip down to every detail.

Do a few searchers about San Diego and see what blogs keep coming up and those are most likely your most comprehensive source of information. It would help if you also looked for a blog that is sharing information about things that are of interest to you. If you have kids, you might want to find a mom blog. If you are a single looking to go out and enjoy the nightlife, you want to find someone that is blogging about the hottest nightlife spots.

Planning Your Trip to San Diego

No matter what season it is in San Diego, you can expect to enjoy beautiful weather with plenty of sun. You shouldn’t plan for a white Christmas if you are visiting over the holidays. Pack plenty of summer shoes and make sure to wear light fabrics that are going to keep you cool even if you do decide to go with long pants.

Sunscreen is one of the most important things you can remember when in San Diego. Even the gentle sun can cause burns so put some sunscreen on before you hit La Jolla to see the seals. There are plenty of spots to grab sunscreen, beach towels, and other beach essentials. The beach shops can be an attraction on their own so enjoy looking through all of the wares before you head down to the beach.

If you want to eat fresh while you are in San Diego, you will be happy to know that farmer’s markets are open all year around. You can find great fruits and vegetables to take back to your vacation spot to cook for a great dinner that tastes like San Diego’s best.


Visiting San Diego can be a true adventure when planned out properly. Without proper planning, you aren’t likely to have time to see all of the beautiful sights that San Diego has to offer. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, there are plenty of things to do and see so get ready to have a great time in San Diego.

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