5 Foods You Must Try When Visiting New York City


If you’re not one of the millions of people who’ve moved into New York City, you might feel the desire to visit this unique place at one point or another in your life. While there are a lot of things that New York is known for, one of the most exciting things for a tourist to take advantage of is all of the options for delicious food. So to help ensure that you don’t leave the city feeling like you’ve missed out on some of the most quintessential New York foods, here’s a list of five of the foods that you must try when visiting New York City.

Classic Cart Foods

All over the city, you’ll find food carts filled with all different types of foods that are classic in the city of New York. And while this food might not necessarily be the most delicious or exotic food that you’ll have when in New York, your experience simply won’t be complete without stopping at a food cart or two to get some of the most basic New York foods. According to Eliza Dumais and Patty Lee, contributors to Thrillist.com, some of the foods you have to try from food carts include soft pretzels and hot dogs.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Along with getting the classic cart foods when in New York City, Dumais and Lee also recommend picking up a classic NYC breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. This is something that you can purchase from almost any bodega around the city. For New Yorkers, this is the perfect way to start your busy day.


While Chicago might be known for their deep-dish pizza, pizza is also something that’s frequently done right in New York City. But if you’re going to get pizza in NYC, Chris Cockren, a contributor to SharedAppetite.com, shares that you should avoid any type of chain pizza place. Get the real thing from a real New York pizzeria.


Another staple within New York City is the bagel. According to Natalie Pattillo and Caitlin Zaino, contributors to BBC Good Food, New York’s bagels are said to taste different than other bagels because of the local water. You can pick up a bagel at one of the many bagel shops around the city or at most corner delis, too. Go for one with butter, cream cheese, or simply plain.


If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, you don’t want to miss the cronuts. According to NYCGo.com, cronuts are the cross between a croissant and a donut. This pastry originating from New York will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

On your next trip to New York City, consider using the list mentioned above to help you experience the best food the city has to offer.

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