5 Animal Myths and Legends


Many animals around the world have been associated with countless kind of superstition and have intrigued many due to either their strange characteristics or different appearances. On the other hand, many other animals such as bears, snakes, wolfs and jaguars are venerated due to various beliefs that they are holders of special wisdom and power.Luckypantsbingo.tv is the top no deposit bingo site where you will find a whole collection of Animals and Nature themed slots and many other online games that are themed on Magic and Myth too. Discover them all by playing top online slots such as Jazz Cat, Wolf Run, Siberian Storm, Raging Rhino, Stampede, Hot Cross Bunnies, Wild North, Piggy Payout and more. Let’s look at some of the most unusual creatures on earth and the legends and myths surrounding them.

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Lemmings are the critters that probably figure in the lead when it comes to myths. There are various misconceptions about these animals that are both long-lasting and legendary. A geographer back in the 1500s claimed that the lemmings dropped down from the skies while there was a storm. Many thought that they committed mass suicide while migrating, however, the truth is something else. Every few years, when the lemmings migrate in large groups, they can jump to the water from off cliffs and even swim huge distances until they are exhausted. And sometimes this led to their death.

Pink River Dolphins

These beautiful mammals are found in countries such as Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. You will find not less than 5 different types of dolphins in the Amazon basin. The Pink River Dolphin is considered as one of the most intelligent mammals, as their brain capacity is 40% higher than a human. The locals protect these dolphins as they believe that hurting them would bring bad luck. These dolphins, often called ‘botos’ are associated to various superstitions. They are said to be shapeshifters that can transform into young men to seduce the women at night.


The Loris is a rare primate that can be seen in Asia, mostly in places such as Sri Lanka, India, and south-east Asia. Seeing a primate loris today at Siguiriya in Sri Lanka is considered as a privilege as they are an endangered species. Due to their peculiar appearance of having no tail and with large eyes, lorises were considered as bad omen. Many people use them in traditional medicine. It’s believed that leprosy can be treated by eating the flesh of a loris in Cambodia. Their body parts are said to ward off evil eye or to counter a curse, while potions made from loris are said to heal broken bones and wounds.

Vampire Bats

Vampire bats can be found all over the world, and there are five different species of this mammal. They usually live in warm and dark caves all by themselves or in colonies. These nocturnal creatures are the only mammal that can fly. Vampire bats that feed on just blood are known for their razor-sharp teeth. ‘Camazotz’ was considered as the god of caves in an Ancient Mayan culture and it is said that he had the wings and head of a bat and a body of a human. They are linked to death in Madagascar, where it is said that bats are the souls of unburied people, criminals, and sorcerers. In folkloric stories, it is even said that rubbing its blood into your eyes can assist you to see in the dark.

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Snow Leopard

Commonly called the ‘Ghosts of the Mountain’, Snow Leopards are solitary felines that are quite elusive and mysterious. Check here https://www.dustandmop.com. Shamans have been closely linked with Snow Leopards and this animal’s totem is said to represent respect and inner knowledge of the mysteries of death and life. Snow leopards are also believed to remove one’s sins from your previous lives, and if you kill them, they will return those sins to you in your current life. If you find one of this mammal while climbing the Himalayas, you can consider yourself as lucky because they are a highly endangered species.

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