4 Ways to Make Your Next City Break Feel Special


City breaks are becoming more and more popular, and why not? They cost less than a normal holiday, don’t involve as much planning or travel, and often don’t even require taking more than a day or two off work, if any time at all. Of course, you should still look for ways to make each of your city breaks feel more special, so here are just four tips to follow.

  1. Visit During an Annual Event

Most UK cities popular for city breaks can be enjoyed at any time of year, but they’ll probably shine brightest during annual events, so check the calendar before you book. If you were looking to visit Bristol, you could always time your trip to coincide with the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta or the Bristol Harbour Festival.

  1. Book Unique Accommodation

During most city breaks, you’ll spend as much time as possible taking in the city, but you should still pay plenty of attention to the type of accommodation you choose. While a generic hotel isn’t going to make your trip feel particularly special, booking a serviced apartment can give you a deeper impression of the city and provide a unique space to stay since they’re often converted from period buildings.

  1. Go When Others Don’t

You’ll find most city break locations becoming crowded during the school holidays and summer. Unfortunately, visiting when it’s most popular means you might end up seeing more of the crowds than of the city itself. Consider booking http://maidthis.com/denver/ when things are quieter to get a more authentic experience.

  1. Push the Boat Out (At Least Once)

Most people try to budget during a city break since part of the point is spending less than you usually would, but you should think about pushing the boat out at least once to make the trip more memorable. Is there a unique experience available or a high-end restaurant you’d like to try? Why not indulge yourself?

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