3 Ways to Really Get to Know a City You’re Visiting


When you’re traveling to a new place, you may be both nervous and excited about exploring an area you’ve never seen before. Getting the hang of a completely new city can be a challenge, though, especially if you’re only there for a short time.

To ensure you feel comfortable in a new environment and start feeling more like a local in the brief time you have, here are three ways you can get to know a city during a short visit.

Do Some Research

One of the best ways to have a solid grip on a city as soon as you’ve land is to have done some research beforehand. By taking to the Internet and doing some online exploring of the city that way, you can get a fairly good grasp of what the area is like without actually being there yet.

This will help you to be more comfortable with moving through the location from the very first moment you get there. Additionally, Laura Vanderkam, a contributor to Fast Company, shares that researching your destination and building up the anticipation of going on your travels can increase your happiness before and during your trip.

See Things In A New Way

For many travelers, taking public transportation or riding in cars is a common way to move around a city. But if you’re really wanting to get to know the area, you might want to try looking at things from a different perspective.

According to Venturists.net, taking a walking tour is a great way to get an up-close look at a new city. Many places offer this as a service, or you can do your own tour without a paid guide. Along with getting an intimate view of the city, you could also get a bird’s eye view through an air charter, which could help you see the region as a whole and increase your appreciation for the entire area.

Travel During The Off-Season

To get to know a city well and see everything that it has to offer, you might want to consider doing what you can to avoid crowds. When you’re trying to explore an area among thousands of other people, you might be more frustrated or annoyed than curious, which could cause you to overlook a lot of amazing things.

So to ensure that you’re able to take all the time you need to see the true heart of a city that’s new to you, Traveller.com.au recommends that you try traveling during the off-season. Off-season or shoulder season travel will mean there will be far fewer other visitors there, and you there’s a good chance you might even save some money, too.

If you really want to take in everything a city has to offer and feel like a local by the time you leave, focus on using the tips listed above to help you do it.

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