3 Vacation Ideas You Might Not Have Considered


Here are at the very beginning of the winter months, but cold weather doesn’t negate the need for a vacation. Especially towards the holidays when joy and peace are supposed to be the heralds of the season, but many experience the Christmas blues.

This is mainly because of how much we scale back on the time we spend outside. With that said, everyone needs a break every now and then and sometimes the beach isn’t open. So, here are three options for a getaway you may not have thought about, yet.

A Staycation

Where is it that the majority of us look forward to going at the end of a long day at the office or an extended stay at the in-laws? It’s home. Our home is our refuge from the world. It is the place we can escape to when things in our public life get to be overwhelming.

Why not plan a staycation? Our homes are very private places for the most part already, but there are ways that you can cut off the world completely for a short time that will allow you to recharge your batteries. If you have a landline, unplug it for the duration. Get rid of all your electronics for a while.

Make sure to let a trusted friend or family member know what you are up to. If there are any emergencies or things you need to be made aware of, they can keep you enlightened. Then, the rest is up to you.

Do whatever you like. Read several good books, listen to your music at unsafe levels, or spend the week in your underwear. A vacation at home might just be what the doctor ordered.

Vacation Homes

Need a change of scenery, but don’t want to put up with the inconveniences of not having enough towels or toilet paper because maid service just got lazy. Or is it the higher prices you pay to stay near the attractions you came to see that you would just rather not deal with?

One way to remedy both needs is to invest in a second home as a vacation home. You can still cut out the world, read to your little heart’s content and do it in your underwear. A different setting can help us reboot in ways that we might not understand and a second home away from home can deliver that kind of healing.


With the daily encouragement to enter and run this rat race we call life, we forget sometimes where things started. There was a time when the only jungles on the planet had nothing to do with concrete and smog. It was a time where providing dinner for your family meant hunting or fishing and gathering nuts and berries or growing vegetables.

Houses were rudimentary at best and sleeping by an open fire meant warmth and protection. Why not take a trip back in time and take the family camping? Bring the rat race to a slow crawl and teach the youngin’s how to be grateful for the technological advances they relax in every day.

Vacation time is anytime. Make sure to give these ideas a shot when on the lookout for something different.

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