3 Tips To Prepare You For Traveling To A Destination Wedding


Once you receive a wedding invitation, there’s quite a bit if preparation that you have to do before you’re ready to go and celebrate the nuptials of your loved one. From finding the right clothes to picking the right gift and arranging to be able to be there on the day, it can take some time and maneuvering to ensure you’re ready to participate in the big day. But if the wedding you’ve been invited to is a destination wedding, that preparation becomes even more important and involved. So to help you get ready for this event, here are three tips for prepare you for traveling to a destination wedding.

Know What You’ll Be Paying For

When you’re traveling on your own, you automatically know exactly what you’re going to be having to pay for during your trip. But when you’re traveling as part of a destination wedding celebration, the lines can get a little blurry. To help with this, Venus Wong, a contributor to Refinery29.com, shares that the wedding party will generally pay for the wedding ceremony and their reception. Everything else, including airfare, accommodations, additional food and excursions, will be up to you to pay for. When you’re deciding whether or not you can come to the wedding, make sure you factor in all these costs for yourself.

Do Your Own Research Before Bugging The Wedding Party

If you decide that traveling to the destination wedding is something you want to do, it’s now time for you to figure out all the logistics. With some destination weddings, the couple will make recommendations for all types of things, like travel itineraries and lodging options. While you can figure things out completely on your own, you might want to take a look at their suggestions first. To find out what these suggestions are, Kate Sitarz, a contributor to Smarter Travel and Oyster, recommends that you check out all the information given to you by the wedding party, including their website, before asking them questions. The bride or groom has enough going on already without having to answer logistical questions, too, so try to find the answers on your own before bugging the wedding party.

Don’t Bring A Surprise Plus-One

Destination weddings can be hectic and expensive for everyone involved, including the wedding party. So while you might not want to travel to the destination all on your own, Kim Forrest, a contributor to Wedding Wire, warns against bringing a surprise plus-one along with you. If you weren’t given the green light to bring someone else to the wedding from the beginning, just try to enjoy the trip by yourself and make friends once you get there.

If you’ve been invited to a destination wedding, consider using the tips mentioned above to prepare for the travel involved with this type of event.

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