3 Tips For Safely Driving Around Semi-Trucks On The Freeway


During all your travels, you’ve likely spent a decent amount of hours driving down the highways and freeways of various countries. And while driving at higher speeds is inherently more dangerous than when you’re driving slower, what can make being on the freeway even more dangerous is your proximity to other vehicles, including semi-trucks.

Since most private vehicles are much smaller than a semi-truck, drivers don’t really stand a chance if they get into an accident with a semi-truck while traveling down the road. So to help reduce the chances of this type of thing happening to you, here are three tips for safely driving around semi-trucks on the freeway. 

Give More Space To Big Trucks

Arguably the best thing you can do when traveling on the freeway is to give big trucks as much space as possible. 

According to Drive-Safely.net, driving near semi-trucks is particularly dangerous because of things like tire blowouts and the trailers that they pull behind them. If a tire blows out on a semi-truck, the driver can quickly lose control of the vehicle, turning that huge semi-truck into a giant projectile that will crush anything in its path. And as for the trailers they pull, the wind can easily get caught in them and, like a sail, push the semi-truck all over the road. So if you can quickly get passed a semi-truck, try your best to do so. 

Stay Out Of Their Blind Spots

While all cars have blind spots, the blind spots for semi-trucks are much larger than they are with typical vehicles. Because of this, it’s wise to know where their blind spots are and to do your best to stay out of them.

As a good rule of thumb, Mike Morris, a contributor to the LA Times, shares that if you can’t see the mirrors of the semi-truck from where you are, the driver likely can’t see you either. Although you’ll have to go through the driver’s blind spots to do things like pass them, it’s best to get around a semi as quickly as possible so you don’t spend unnecessary time driving right in their blind spot. 

Recognize That They Need More Time To Stop

As you’re driving down the freeway, you might find yourself zipping in and out of cars in various lanes as you try to make your way to your destination. But especially as you go through areas that have more traffic or are undergoing road construction, it’s worth remembering to visit http://www.reliefpools.com/ and to know that semi-trucks need far more time to stop than you do in your car.

Because of this, DefensiveDriving.com advises that you never cut off a semi-truck and that you avoid slamming on your brakes if a semi-truck is behind you. By steering clear of these behaviors, you should be able to avoid getting rear-ended by a semi-truck while on the freeway. 

To help you and your loved ones stay safe on your road travels, consider using the tips mentioned above to avoid any accidents with semi-trucks on the freeway. 

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