3 Tips For Planning The Perfect Weekend Getaway


After a long work week, everyone deserves to take a break and experience a little relaxation. For some people, this time to unwind is most enjoyably spent visiting a new city or taking in the scenery that they aren’t typically surrounded by. 

Without proper planning, a weekend getaway can seem like it goes by so quickly with very little to show for it. So to help ensure that you make the most of every weekend getaway you’re able to take, here are three tips for planning the perfect weekend getaway. 

Don’t Spend Too Much Time In Transit

While you might like the idea of visiting somewhere exotic or far-flung, a weekend really isn’t enough time to go too far away from home. Ideally, Shivani Vora, a contributor to the New York Times, recommends that you try to pick a destination that requires less than four hours of driving or has a quick, direct flight.

By picking a location within this set of parameters, you’ll ensure that you don’t spend the majority of your trip in transit or wind up coming home extra tired from driving home in the middle of the night, which could put you in danger of a car accident or other misfortune as well. So when planning your weekend getaway, make sure you keep your sights a little closer to home. 

Make Some Choices Based On Convenience

In most situations, choosing to take a weekend trip in the first place won’t be the most convenient thing. But to really make the most of your trip, some of the decisions you make about your excursion should be based around the convenience of everything.

For example, Terry Ward, a contributor to BudgetTravel.com, advises that you pick your accommodations based on what you’ll be doing over the weekend so you can be relatively close by. This could save you a lot of time navigating your way around. Additionally, if you’re going to be flying, try not to pack so much that you need to check a bag, as this could also be a big waste of your precious time. 

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Leave Space For The Spontaneous

Although it’s wise to have a plan for what you want to do or see when you’re out on your weekend getaway, what can really make for a perfect weekend trip is to unexpected. Whether it is visiting a ski resort in the USA or relaxing on a beach in Bermuda, convenience and spontaneity will help make for a memorable experience.

If you’re worried about making the most of a weekend getaway, consider using the tips mentioned above and check http://actionac.net/ to help you learn how to plan for an amazing experience.According to Jessica Roth, a contributor to the Huffington Post, you might want to leave some space in your weekend itinerary for a few spontaneous things. While you should nail down where you’re going to be staying the night and what time you plan to get there and leave, it can be fun to wait to pick where to eat or what to experience until you get there, talk to the locals, and find out what the city’s really about. 

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