3 Things To Do At Home Before Leaving On Your Next Trip

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If you’ve got a big trip coming up, you’ve likely spent a big portion of your time saving up, planning for travel and excursions, and thinking about what you’ll need to pack. But in the midst of all of this, you might have overlooked how you should also be preparing for your return trip home.

Part of what can make a vacation or travel blend more seamlessly back into your normal life is how relaxed you’re able to be once you get back home. So to help make this easier for you, here are three things you should do at your home before leaving on your next trip.

Take The Time To Clean Up

Although you’re likely already overwhelmed with the amount of things you’ve got to get ready before you leave on your trip, you’ll be so grateful to yourself if you can take the time to clean everything up at home before you leave.

According to Taylor Martin, a contributor to CNET.com, not only will giving your house a good scrubbing make you feel better once you’re finally home from your long trip, but it will also help keep away pests and ensure that your home doesn’t get musty and stinky while you’re away. So before you take off, try to find a few hours to clean out the fridge, wipe off all your surfaces, bleach your bathroom, and change your sheets.

Give The Outside Of Your Home A Once-Over

If you don’t own your own home yet or you live in an apartment or other shared community, this next trip will be less applicable to you. But in order to ensure that everything relating to the structure of your home will stay safe while you’re away, it’s a good idea to give the outside of your home a once-over prior to leaving.

With unpredictable weather and the chance for things like burglars or pests to take advantage of your vacant home, it’s wise to do everything in your power to safeguard against these threats. According to HomeAdvisor, by walking around your home and checking out things like your roof, windows, pipes, and outdoor furniture or toys, you can spot anything potential hazards that should be addressed before you take off.

Make Security A Priority

Because you won’t be in your home each day to make sure things are kept safe, it’s important that you do everything in your power to keep your property safe even when no one’s there.

To help with this, HGTV recommends that you take steps that will help make it look like your home’s being lived in, like holding your mail and newspapers, putting your lights on timers, and getting your landscaping taken care of. Additionally, make sure you’ve secured all your doors and windows and armed your security system if you have one.

To ensure that you can return to your home just as you left it after a long trip, consider using the tips mentioned above to prepare your house before taking a vacation.

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